SSMD – Chapter 90

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 90 – Who is the Real Killer? (4)

“The first condition is that they have to be able to get near Hu Diechang. The second condition is that they need to be at least rank 7 in psychokinesis. In Chang Kong Country, there are only a handful of people with this level of cultivation, and they all have lofty, official positions. Why would these kinds of people kill someone for the sake of one or two thousand taels of gold? Even if there are these kinds of greedy people who would be willing to kill Hu Diechang for a measly amount of gold, Ning Xuemo had already spent most of the gold early on and only had around five hundred taels of gold remaining. Even if she took it all out and wanted to hire someone, who would risk offending the Grand Marshal for the sake of a mere five hundred taels of gold?”

Everyone was convinced by this argument. The Minister of the Supreme Court, Lan Yufeng, also said in a heavy voice, “According to my knowledge, all those at rank 7 and above willing to kill people for money are all members of assassin organisations. The lowest amount required for them to accept the job is 2,800 taels of gold. If the job was to kill the Grand Marshal’s daughter, then the remuneration would naturally have to be higher.”

Lan Yufeng was extremely knowledgeable in regards to the various forces within Chang Kong Country; hence, everyone believed him.

Emperor Le Xuan nodded. “It seems like Ning Xuemo was not behind Hu Diechang’s death. Then who is the real killer? Huang’er, didn’t you say you had already thoroughly investigated this?”

Ji Yunhuang bowed as he replied, “Imperial Father, before I answer this question, please allow this child who I brought with me to conduct an experiment.”

At his words, all of their gazes landed on the child who had accompanied Ji Yunhuang this whole time.

The boy looked to be around 12-13 years old, and his stature was rather small. He wore a mask which hid any expressions he might be displaying.

Initially, he had only been quietly accompanying Ji Yunhuang all this time, but now he slowly stepped forward.

Emperor Le Xuan examined him for a bit but did not feet anything strange. Ji Yunhuang was often surrounded by all sorts of weird people, including children.

As long as it was not detrimental to imperial power, Emperor Le Xuan would simply close one eye. His gaze rested on the child. “What kind of experiment do you want to conduct?”

The boy replied, “Testing safety distance.” He had only just spoken these words when his figure turned and suddenly appeared approximately a meter in front of Ji Yunhao.

Ji Yunhao was frightened and subconsciously retreated a step. “What are you trying to do?!”

That child ignored him as his figure flashed again. This time, he appeared approximately 1,2 meters from Lan Yufeng.

Lan Yufeng also retreated and created some distance between them.

That child finally spoke again. “Your Majesty, as you can see, since I am a stranger to these two, they do not feel comfortable with me being too close to them. If I am within a meter of them, they will want to retreat. Only if they are around 1,2 meters away will they feel somewhat at ease.”

This concept was new and strange to these people, but it indeed hold some truth.

After the experiment, he simply remained standing there. As everyone thought about how they would react to a stranger, they all nodded.

That child spoke once more, “Miss Hu was killed by someone who stood in front of her. And before acting, the killer needed to press their hands on her forehead. Therefore, the killer would have to be at most 30 centimeters away from her. And who can get this close to Hu Diechang?”

Everyone once again thought deeply and simulated the scenario in their minds…

Since the case had been proven to have no relation to Ning Xuemo, Lord Lu who had been the one to take her away was feeling anxious to prove himself. Hence, at this moment, he immediately answered, “Her lover, spouse or children!”

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot—!
    ooh, interesting experiment, ahaha! well now, we know who it is? but hey, how is it that ‘parents’ isn’t in his answer?


  2. Jennifer Mendoza says:

    Oh you think Ning Xuemo is not the one who killed her… Bastard.


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