SSMD – Chapter 89

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 89 – Who is the Real killer? (3)

Ji Yunhuang first invited Grand Marshal Hu to get closer to the coffin. “Grand Marshal Hu please take a look. Was this how your daughter looked when you found her dead?”

Grand Marshal Hu had already taken a good look earlier, so he nodded. “Yes!”

His daughter’s eyes were wide open, her lips slightly parted. There was a dagger embedded in her chest at the location of her heart.

Ji Yunhao coldly interrupted, “The dagger in Diechang’s heart must have been what took her life. This dagger looks very similar to the ones Ning Xuemo owned…”

Ji Yunhuang ignored him as he called for the coroner who was here. “Autopsy!”

That coroner could be said to be a master of his field. His movements were deft and quick. He first examined the corpse’s appearance in detail before he started doing more invasive examinations…

He first pulled out the dagger and examined the wound before inspecting the dagger in his hand. “There’s not much blood on this dagger. Furthermore, the flesh around the wound is dark reddish…”

He spouted a string of analyses before making a final conclusion. “From the aforementioned points, we can tell that this dagger was stabbed into the deceased’s heart after her death. This was not the weapon that killed the deceased…”

Like a stone thrown into a calm pond, the coroner’s final words caused noticeable ripples to form. The faces of all the people in the Palace changed.

Grand Marshal Hu’s fists tightened. He had also taken a look at the wound, so he could confirm the coroner’s words…

“Since this dagger did not inflict the killing blow, then what was the cause of her death?” Grand Marshal Hu’s tone sounded like an iceberg.

The coroner continued examining for a while. After pondering for a moment, his finger suddenly felt Hu Diechang’s hairline. Carefully examining through touch, his eyes suddenly lit up. “It’s here!”

Grand Marshal Hu looked closely. The coroner pinpointed a location on the scalp hidden by the hair. Grand Marshal Hu failed to notice anything suspicious.

“Grand Marshal Hu, please send some psychokinesis energy here, just enough to be equivalent to a rank 3.” The coroner respectfully asked..

Although Grand Marshal Hu felt doubtful, he followed the coroner’s instructions and placed his hand on his daughter’s hairline…

After a moment, a three-coloured hair strand slowly emerged from Hu Diechang’s hairline due to Grand Marshall Hu’s psychokinesis energy. He pulled out that strand of hair…

The blood-stained strand of hair measured to be about 30 centimeters long. In Grand Marshal Hu’s palm, it looked very startling to everyone. And from the place where that hidden weapon had been pulled out from, blood started to seep out…

The coroner did not need to say any words of explanation. Everyone understood that this was the murder weapon.

Unexpectedly this soft-looking hair strand could be used to kill someone!

This hair strand had penetrated nearly 30 centimeters deep into her head, directly damaging her brain without being visible from the outside.

What a brilliant yet insidious way to kill someone!

It seems like the killer was not only an expert cultivator in psychokinesis but also someone who put careful thought into matters…

Ji Yunhuang looked at Emperor Le Xuan. “Imperial Father, this is the weapon that was used to kill Hu Diechang! To be able to commit such an act this requires two conditions to be fulfilled; one, the killer is an expert in psychokinesis and two, the killer had to be close to Hu Diechang in order to have been able to insert this weapon in her hairline. And Ning Xuemo has no psychokinesis at all. This is something everyone knows. Hence, how can she be a suspect?”

Emperor Le Xuan had not said anything when Ji Yunhao humphed. “This can only prove that she did not personally kill Diechang. However, couldn’t she have sent an expert over to assassinate Diechang? After all, Diechang didn’t have any grievances or enmity with anyone except Ning Xuemo… Furthermore, Ning Xuemo had just obtained my two thousand taels of gold. She could have used it to hire an assassin…”

Many people could not help but agree with him. It was certainly possible for Ning Xuemo to have gotten outside help.

Ji Yunhuang lightly laughed. “What Sixth Brother has said is not impossible. However, you seem to have forgotten something. To be able to hire this kind of high-level assassin requires two conditions to be met…”

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