SSMD – Chapter 87

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 87 – Who is the real killer? (1)

“This suicide note and the confession letter are fake!” Ji Yunhuang interrupted Emperor Le Xuan. “The handwriting might look similar to Ning Xuemo’s but the differences cannot escape my eyes. This was obviously forged by someone! If Imperial Father does not believe me, then you can call for Official Lan and let him compare the two.”

Emperor Le Xuan was silent. It did not cross his mind that this suicide note and confession letter could have actually been forged by someone!

At this moment, he could not rebuke his son and could only send someone to call over Lan Yufeng from the Supreme Court.

Shortly afterwards, Lan Yufeng strode quickly into the study. He greeted everyone before they handed over the confession letter and suicide note for verification.

Ji Yunhuang was clearly prepared and handed in a shopping list written by Ning Xuemo to compare with the confession letter and suicide note.

Lan Yufeng examined the documents for a short while before he expressed in a certain tone that the confession letter and the suicide note were definitely fakes.

Emperor Le Xuan’s face became unsightly. He did not think  that the Ministry of Justice would dare to give him a fake confession letter! He immediately sent people to investigate.

After Lord Lu, the high official in charge of the Ministry of Justice, arrived, Emperor Le Xuan condemned him. Lord Lu said that he has been wronged and that the letter had been given to him by the people from the Ministry of Justice’s Prison…

The crime of deceiving the monarch was not a small one, so guards were sent to capture the four jailers who were in charge of the torture.

The four of them had already prepared early on. They said that this confession letter had been given by Tu Yidao who was in charge of the actual interrogation. They merely passed it over to the higher-ups…

As for Tu Yidao, he had already drowned to death. The four of them insisted that they had already burnt Ning Xuemo’s body on Tu Yidao’s orders.

Since this confession was fake, then Ning Xuemo might not be the culprit behind Hu Diechang’s murder. Emperor Le Xuan could only heavily criticise Lord Lu before transferring the case to a high official of the Supreme Court..

Emperor Le Xuan had also been tired out at this point and wanted to dismiss everyone. However, Ji Yunhuang stepped forward and said, “Imperial Father, there’s no need for Official Lan to solve this case. Actually I have already investigated things secretly and can bring this whole case to light!”

Ji Yunhao’s face slightly changed. Emperor Le Xuan’s heart stirred as he looked at Ji Yunhuang. “What do you want to do?”

Ji Yunhuang said, “I shall have to ask Imperial Father to head for Wu Palace. There are some witnesses and evidence regarding Miss Hu’s death there. If you go there, then you will naturally understand everything.”

Emperor Le Xuan lightly furrowed his brows. He had already achieved his goal so he did not care about how Hu Diechang died. However, now that things had come to this point, he could only see it through to the end.

Ji Yunhao took the initiative to say. “Imperial Father, since there’s something off about this case and it definitely won’t be resolved in a short period of time. We should hand the case to Lord Lan and wait for him to report the results. How can we make Imperial Father investigate this case personally?”

Emperor Le Xuan agreed after hearing Ji Yunhao’s dignified words. After all, he was an emperor and his time was precious. He was about to answer when Ji Yunhuang spoke.

Ji Yunhuang bowed. “Imperial Father, this matter concerns Miss Ning as well as the Grand Marshal’s precious daughter. On account of the deceased Marquis Jingyuan and Grand Marshal Hu, please preside over this matter personally. This case is not complicated as I am sure father will know the truth soon…”

Since Ji Yunhuang had already said this, added to Grand Marshal Hu’s renewed pleading for him to preside over the case, feeling impatient to know who murdered his daughter’s, Emperor Le Xuan could only agree.

Ji Yunhao’s eyes lightly flashed. Then, he set forth. “Imperial Father, I still have some matters to attend, so if you will please excuse me…”

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