SSMD – Chapter 86

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 86 – The Truth (2)

Grand Marshal Hu still wished to exonerate his daughter. However, Emperor Le Xuan added, “If Official Hu does not believe me, those guards are still locked up in the Supreme Court. Official Lan is in charge of this case, and if you go over there he should have a few more pieces of evidence that would verify my assertion.”

 Grand Marshal Hu seemed to choke on his words and had nothing more he could say.

No one questioned the capabilities of Lan Yufeng. He was comparable to the legendary Bao Qingtian[1]. Many extremely difficult cases had been cracked open by him. In addition, he was very impartial; he would not give anyone face. He only dealt with cases, not with people. In his hands, there were no secrets that could be hidden. Since he investigated this case, then Grand Marshal Hu really had nothing else to say.

Furthermore, he was naturally clear about his daughter’s true temperament. Because of their poor family situation when she was young, the person she hated and wanted to kill the most would be the Ning Xuemo, who had seen her at her most embarrassing moments. It was definitely possible that Hu Diechang would secretly plot against Ning Xuemo…

He could only say, “Your Majesty, my daughter did indeed err, but that was a conflict between the younger generation. Hu Diechang also didn’t take Ning Xuemo’s life. However, my daughter was killed by Ning Xuemo. It was my daughter who had the short end of the stick. Forget it. Ning Xuemo is after all the only daughter of Marquis Ning, and he helped me get to where I am today. On Marquis Ning’s account, I won’t pursue this matter any longer…” At this time, he could only display his generous side.

Emperor Le Xuan secretly sighed in relief and looked at Grand Marshal Hu. Right now, Grand Marshal Hu was his right-hand man; he could not afford to alienate himself from him. “It seems that Grand Marshal Hu is a very reasonable man. I am relieved. How about this, I still can’t wrong your precious daughter too much, so I’ll let Yunhao marry her as his first wife.

 Ning Xuemo was also at fault, but she has died so her crime should be forgiven. Old Sixth has also wronged her once, so I’ll let him marry her as his secondary wife. The two of them were once bosom sisters and only got to this step due to a misunderstanding. Now, they will both be Old Sixth’s wives. Perhaps this will allow them to resolve their enmity in the netherworld and become close sisters again.”

Emperor Le Xuan was indeed worthy of being called an emperor. He was an expert at manipulating people. First giving them the stick then giving them the carrot, his skill at manipulation was at the pinnacle.

His final words caused the victimized Grand Marshal Hu to hold no more complaints; on the other hand, he felt grateful. Anyways his daughter had already died, so if she could gain the title of first wife of a prince, it would be not be too bad. That Ning girl on the other hand, was the secondary wife. Even in death her status would still be below his daughter’s.

Ji Yunhao did not have any objections either. The figure of Ning Xuemo flashed in his mind. That girl was still his in the end. Even if she died, she was still his secondary wife and would not belong to anyone else- He felt happy with this result!

He was about to bow and agree when the Ji Yunhuang, who had been merely observing this whole time, suddenly opened his mouth, “Wait a minute! Imperial Father, this matter is somewhat strange. It can’t be ended just like that.”

Emperor Le Xuan and Ji Yunhao were jolted. They both turned to look at him.

Emperor Le Xuan lightly furrowed his brow. “Huang’er, this matter is very clear. What’s strange about it?”

Ji Yunhuang shook the confession letter he held in his hand and lightly spoke, “Hu Diechang did indeed plot against Ning Xuemo, but her death wasn’t related to Ning Xuemo in the slightest!”

That one sentence caused the faces of those present to change colours.

Emperor Le Xuan spoke, “Huang’er, I know that you were always fair, but how can you bend your way for that young lady and  protect her when her confession is right here, written as clear as day. Your words now are rather…”

[1] Bao Qingtian (aka Justice Pao), real name Bao Zheng, is an official, who was righteous and upright, helping the commoners to redress their grievances by reforming the judicial system during the Song dynasty. That historical personage was the object of numerous depiction in movies, tv series, novels and even deitified. For more infos click here. Here’s his theme song from the 1993 tv series. You should listen to the funny version after listening to the original.

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