SSMD – Chapter 84

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 84 – Request of Marriage (2)

When Emperor Le Xuan was fighting for the throne, Ning Zhongze was his right hand, his most valuable supporter. When Emperor Le Xuan’s life had been in danger, Ning Zhongze saved him without caring for his own life. This occurred several times. In fact, he even sacrificed the life of his first child to save Emperor Le Xuan.

When Emperor Le Xuan had yet to ascend the throne, the struggle between him and his brothers had been extremely fierce. Numerous plots were executed in the dark.

Ning Zhongze had played a decisive role in his battle for the throne.

For the sake of allowing Emperor Le Xuan to stand at the top of the world, Ning Zhongze had racked his brains to come up with ideas and suggestions. It could be even said that without Ning Zhongze, there would be no Emperor Le Xuan.

This was the reason why the Emperor had betrothed one of his sons to Ning Xuemo despite knowing that she did not have talent in cultivation. It had been his way of thanking Ning Zhongze for his efforts and sacrifices.

Emperor Le Xuan and Ning Zhongze no longer had the simple relationship of a ruler and a subject. They were extremely close friends and confidants regardless of life and death.

Now that he had caused Ning Zhongze’s only daughter to suffer such a terrible fate, his heart naturally harboured some guilt. It was just that he was willing to go to extreme lengths in order to preserve his son’s flawless reputation.

In his dream, Ning Zhongze just came back from the battlefield; he smelled of blood and smoke. Ning Zhongze stood in the misty expanse, staring silently at the emperor. His expression showed a condemning look filled with disappointment…

Emperor Le Xuan felt slightly guilty, but he did not know what to say. Just when he was about to say a few words, Ning Zhongze’s wife suddenly appeared by his side with her hair looking dishevelled. “Incompetent Ruler, why did you do this to our daughter?! Wasn’t the death of our son enough?! Doing this to our daughter… Where is your conscience?! Give my daughter’s innocence back! Give her justice!”

Madam Ning’s voice sounded as shrill and mournful as a female ghost’s, causing Emperor Le Xuan to get a scared and wake up.

After he woke up, he broke out in cold sweat, having been feeling uncomfortable until now…

The eunuch outside reported that the Sixth Prince was seeking an audience.

Emperor Le Xuan ordered him to enter.

Ji Yunhao greeted Emperor Le Xuan like usual before bringing up a matter that the Emperor would have never thought Ji Yunhao would suggest himself.

He wanted to marry the deceased Hu Diechang as his first wife and at the same time, marry the deceased Ning Xuemo as his secondary wife!

Emperor Le Xuan stared at Ji Yunhao as if he was staring at a snake. “Hu Diechang is understandable, but why do you want to marry Ning Xuemo as a secondary wife? Didn’t you always hate her, doing everything you could to annul your engagement with her?”

If it was not for this brat annulling the marriage with Ning Xuemo in the square that day, then would all of these events have happened? This brat was the original culprit of this situation!

Ji Yunhao had already prepared what he wanted to say. “Imperial Father, although I despise her she is after all the daughter of Marquis Ning, the child of a good person. If she died just like this, then people would say that the imperial family is too heartless, causing the loyalty of some of our  subjects to waver. If you let your son give her an official position, then it could portray our imperial family’s grace.”

“So you’re saying that you’re doing this is for the sake of the imperial family?”

“Your son is ashamed. If I could help you bear some of your burden, of course I would do so…”

Emperor Le Xuan suddenly gave a cold smile. “If you had really wanted to help bear some of my burdens, you wouldn’t have plotted against that Ning girl with that poison murder case!”

As an emperor, he was constantly surrounded by countless machinations and intrigue. How could he not be able to see through this little scheme?

When Ning Xuemo had been accused of cheating on her fiancé, it had clearly been wronging her!

Ji Yunhao lowered his head. “That matter wasn’t orchestrated by me…”

“Even if it wasn’t you, you still knew of it! Was it that girl Hu Diechang?”

Emperor Le Xuan’s words hit the mark. Ji Yunhao knew he could no longer hide this matter any longer as his head lowered even more. “I only found out about it after it happened…”

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