SSMD – Chapter 83

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 83 – Request of Marriage (1)

Therefore, he had already intended to give Ning Xuemo at most, a quarter of an hour, before she had to come out. He thought that she would not last more than 5 minutes, but had not expected that not only did she stay longer, she even seemed to have fallen asleep in there…

When he went in, her eyes were closed, making her look like she was sleeping.

He remembered when he first soaked in this hot spring he had difficulty adjusting himself, causing his psychokinesis to circulate too fast and making his face turn as red as a tomato.

But her face was soft and tender. Nothing seemed to be amiss at all.

Could it be that if someone who could not cultivate psychokinesis entered, they would not feel the slightest discomfort?

Or was her physique unique and would not react to the hot spring?

Or maybe she was an extremely unusual genius?

He suddenly felt quite interested in re-testing Ning Xuemo’s innate talent.

A short while later, Ning Xuemo exited the hot spring wearing a yellow robe; her black hair, which had not dried yet, draped over her shoulders. Adding on her eyes full of life and her bright red lips, she looked extremely adorable.

Ji Yunhuang suddenly had an impulse to hug her…

But with her character, she definitely would not allow him to hug her…

He did not know why, but he felt somewhat frustrated thinking about that.

Ning Xuemo asked rather casually, “Your Highness, who else uses this hot spring?”

Ji Yunhuang lightly furrowed his brows. “Why do you ask that?”

“Oh, just curious. Then has Your Highness noticed any illusions or apparitions while in the hot spring?”

“No.” Ji Yunhuang answered with certainty. “Did something appear while you were bathing? What did you see?”

‘It shouldn’t be an illusion, right? That guy looked too real!’

But Ji Yunhuang had not seen it. Was she just lucky or did she really  hallucinate?

Ji Yunhuang thought that she was tired after bathing, so he told her to go back to his sleeping quarters to get some rest and that he would join her after he finished bathing.

Ning Xuemo felt like smiling. The crown prince was really long-winded today. She lifted her hand to pat his shoulder. “Your Highness, you’re not my hubby so you don’t have to be so attentive and long-winded to me.” She left with a grin on her face.

Ji Yunhuang blanked out. ‘Hubby? What’s that?’

This girl really used a lot of weird words! He did not know where she learned them.

But she actually dislikes him being long-winded?! Who didn’t know that the crown prince was famous for his clear and concise speech?!

However, today it did seem like he truly was rather long-winded…

‘I must have been cursed?!’


Inside Chang Kong Country’s Imperial Palace

Emperor Le Xuan sat in the Imperial study room, lost in thought. He had such an excellent and flawless son, but his son’s temper was somewhat unfathomable.

Although he looked full of warmth and elegance, he was in fact very ruthless and was not one to be controlled by his emotions. Emperor Le Xuan felt that was the most ideal quality of any monarch or emperor. He wanted his son to be like those renowned enlightened monarchs of ancient times, hence he wanted his son to keep this ruthless and emotionless state.

However, he did not think that son of his would be so fascinated by a girl that he would allow so many exceptions for her. What was even worse was that the girl was trash, and she was Old Sixth’s leftover! In the teahouse, that boy had opposed Old Sixth and even took the girl back to his residence, causing the capital to be abuzz with gossips…

This son of his was the best! He didn’t want to see a single flaw on him! He didn’t want a single stain on his son’s reputation, hence he had set into motion that plan to get rid of that stain…

Only when he had received the desired news did he allow Ji Yunhuang to leave before he slept.

But he did not expect t that he would dream of Ning Xuemo’s father, Marquis Jingyuan, Ning Zhongze.

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