SSMD – Chapter 82

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 82 – Illusion

This type of person would definitely not be a catamite!

‘Could he be Ji Yunhuang’s close friend?’

‘Wasn’t Ji Yunhuang very anti-social?’

Ning Xuemo thought up countless explanations before dismissing them one by one. After all that, she still did not come up with a reasonable explanation.

She possessed an audacious character. Even though she became surprised by the man who had suddenly appeared and then just as quickly disappeared, she would not give up the idea of bathing here.

This hot spring was not a place you could bathe at any time you wanted to!

She shut her eyes and was about to start circulating her inner force, when the posture and hand seals that man had made flashed into her mind.

Could it be the way to start cultivating psychokinesis?

Ning Xuemo imitated his posture and hand seals, one hand balled into a fist while the other hand grabbed that fist with her middle finger raised…

Suddenly, she felt an energy unlike inner force being generated from her abdomen. It slowly started to gather and circulate. Everywhere it passed, she would feel a warmth spreading.

It felt like her meridians were being washed with warm water, bringing a slight itchy sensation. It felt really comfortable! It was only that this energy proved to be quite weak, fading  in and out of existence. She could not control it like she could with her inner force…

Her heart stirred! Could this be the so-called psychokinesis?

She shut her eyes and used inner sight to examine herself. She observed as a faint trace of a soft and weak green energy reminiscent of plants slowly flowed through her bloodstream. It was like spring: green, fresh and lively…

The hot spring water rippled in response to the new energy appearing in her bloodstream. A faint electrical current once again entered inside her. As the green energy accumulated, it started to circulate faster. The green energy began to push forward even more and started to spread throughout her body centimeter by centimeter…

This feeling was very strange. It was as if flowers were blooming inside her body, causing her to feel a sense of novelty and excitement.

She felt like she was watching a lively little river gushing, and wherever it flowed fresh flowers bloomed on its banks. Her state of mind also became more cheerful as she followed its progress.

Suddenly, a black expanse appeared before the little river. The little river flowed into it and disappeared extremely quickly without leaving a trace…

Ning Xuemo was startled; her body trembled as her eyes suddenly shot open. She felt as if her blood boiled and surged impatiently, nearly causing her to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Her body swayed as her head fell towards the pool! She hurriedly stood up and regained her footing.

“Xuemo, are you alright?” A voice sounded out from beside the pool, causing Ning Xuemo to look up and discover Ji Yunhuang standing not far from her…

‘What the fuck! When did he come in?!’

She hurriedly squatted down so that only her head emerged out of the water. “I’m fine. I’ll be done bathing soon so please go out first…”

Ji Yunhuang seemed to sigh in relief before folding his arms, smiling almost indiscernibly. “What are you worried about? That I’ll take advantage of you?  What is there to see? There’s no difference from the front to the back. Even if you are inviting me, I also wouldn’t want to.” Then he waltzed out.

This girl had been bathing in the hot spring for a quarter of an hour already, so he was somewhat worried she experienced an accident. His concern only increased when she did not answer after he called her a few times. He had been extremely worried, hence he just barged in without caring about propriety.

This hot spring was special; it was not created naturally. It had been created by the Ancestor ten years ago, when he was staying at the crown prince’s mansion as a stop to rest on his journey.

Ji Yunhuang had heard that it was connected to a source of geothermal heat that was 3.3 kilometres deep in the earth. He had also heard that bathing in it would be greatly beneficial towards the physique. The hot spring also contained a source of psychokinesis, allowing cultivation to progress by exerting just half the effort.

However, people would not be able to tolerate that environment for long. Even if it was him, he had only lasted an hour when he first bathed in it before he had to exit.

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