SSMD – Chapter 79

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 79 – How Strange…

Ning Xuemo was feeling somewhat puzzled. It was just taking a bath; why did they need to travel so far?

“Your Highness, why is your bath house built this far away?” Ning Xuemo took two big steps to be able  keep up with him.

“It’s not a bath house; it’s a hot springs. You had sweated a lot, and soaking in a hot springs will be faster in terms of cleaning and helping your body recuperate.”

Unexpectedly, she was allowed to soak in a hot springs?! Ning Xuemo’s eyes lit up.

Since she had arrived here, she had only bathed in a bucket or in that river last night… Neither were really comfortable to bathe in. She had not bathed in a hot springs in a long time…

She followed Ji Yunhuang past another courtyard and stopped in front of a very small building.

The sign on top of the door held three words, ‘Dust Cleansing Springs’.

In front of that building, four maids stood guard. When they saw Ji Yunhuang, they bowed and greeted him in unison, “Your Highness!”

Ji Yunhuang only slightly nodded before he proceeded forward without saying anything. Understanding his intentions, they opened the door. “Your Highness, everything has been prepared.”

Ji Yunhuang walked in. Of course, Ning Xuemo followed him.

“Miss, please wait outside. When His Highness is bathing he doesn’t need anyone to attend him.” The four maids stopped her.

Ning Xuemo raised her brow. Who said she was going to attend him when he bathed?

She had yet to say anything when Ji Yunhuang, who had already entered, spoke, “Let her in.”

Ning Xuemo went in as the four maids stared at her figure in surprise.

Everyone knew that only His Highness the Crown Prince enjoyed soaking in these hot springs. Even if the other princes came over and requested to take a dip, they would not be allowed to…

Even Ji Yunhuang’s beloved younger sister, Ji Yunyao, was denied entry despite pleading with him for so long. What was going on today?


Ning Xuemo finally got to see what the hot springs on this continent were like, but what she saw made her press her lips together.

This hot spring… was too small!

It was only around 2 meters in diameter and 1 meter deep with steam drifting on the surface of the water. The hot spring was round in shape, and the pool was inlaid with all kinds of jade. The design of the pool was rather unique as well; it looked like a lotus bud.

The bottom of the pool was inlaid with multi-coloured stones that were as round and smooth as goose eggs, looking rather strange.

She tilted her head as she examined it for a bit. However, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw Ji Yunhuang stripping and was startled.

“Your Highness wants to bathe here too?” Did he not say that she needed to take a bath?

Ji Yunhuang had already taken off his outer robe. “I can come here every day to bathe.”

Ning Xuemo was speechless. Could it be that this guy wanted  to have a mandarin duck bath[1] with her?

She blurted out, “This pool is too small; it can’t fit two people.”

Ji Yunhuang was rolling up his trousers, but when he heard her words, he glanced at her. “You think I want to bathe together with you?”

‘Your actions are pointing to that!’

Although Ning Xuemo did not say anything, her expression betrayed her thoughts.

“You’re daydreaming! The only person who can bathe with me is my consort.” Ji Yunhuang had already entered the water and his tone was not polite.

Ning Xuemo sighed in relief before smiling. “That’s good. Luckily, I’m not your consort. Since Your Highness is bathing, then I’ll leave first.” She turned around to leave. This hot spring was part of his house. Naturally, whatever he decides to do is fine.

“Did I say I was bathing?” Ji Yunhuang called out from behind her.

Ning Xuemo turned around to look at him. ‘Bro, you already entered the water. Isn’t that called bathing?’

‘Eh? Why did he wear clothes into the water and only rolled up his trousers?’

“The operating method for this hot springs is a bit special. Watch my movements and learn them. If I don’t teach you how to operate the hot springs, you’ll probably accidentally step on something you shouldn’t and boil yourself to death…”

[1] Mandarin ducks refer to a pair of lovers. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what she’s insinuating.

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