SSMD – Chapter 78

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 78 – The Weird and Cute Little Girl

Ning Xuemo was feeling a bit guilty towards Ji Yunhuang. That palm just now would have sent him flying into the wall if he had been a normal person…

“I’m really sorry Your Highness. It was really impolite of me. Let me apologise for my lack of manners.” She sincerely apologised.

Ji Yunhuang looked at her deeply for a while before sighing and somewhat avoided her. “Forget it. I won’t make things difficult for you just for this small matter. I’ll just treat it as you owing me another one. You’re sweating all over. Hurry up and take a bath.”

Ning Xuemo had broken out in sweat all over her body; her clothes were completely soaked.

Now they stuck to her body, causing her to feel an uncomfortable sticky sensation.

It seems like this crown prince has mysophobia. Before, his face had been filled with slight affection, but now it was filled with disgust…

But upon seeing his expression, Ning Xuemo secretly let out a sigh of relief.

His gaze towards her had been very weird just now, causing her to have the misconception that he might have feelings for her. But now, it seems like she was just being overly suspicious…

Although her mental age was more than 20 years old, her physical body was actually a 13-year-old child’s, a young and cute little girl. Since she still had a young age, she should play around a little longer.

She still wanted to explore this continent and lead a carefree lifestyle. She did not want to be tied down by emotional relationships and bring more trouble on herself.

Especially since the other party was the extremely powerful and influential crown prince, she could not afford to provoke him at the moment…

If he had any feelings for her and decided to take her as a wife or concubine, then she really would not have any way to deny him…

Even if she forcefully rejected, it would still bring her trouble.

Fortunately, it had only been her being too paranoid!

Ning Xuemo smiled and waved rather happily at him. “Fine, I’ll go take a bath now. Your Highness should stay here and rest. I won’t disturb you.” She opened the door and was about to leave.

Ji Yunhuang looked at her and suddenly felt that her smile was rather dazzling. He got off the bed. “If you go out by yourself, aren’t you afraid of scaring the people in my residence?”

‘Oh right!’ After all, in those servants’ eyes, she had already been taken away by Lord Lu last night. Yet if she suddenly appeared, she would truly give them quite a scare.

She blinked. “Then how should I bathe? Is Your Highness going to order people to bring a bathtub here?”

Ji Yunhuang lightly spoke, “This is a sleeping chamber, not a bathhouse!”

This crown prince sure was fussy over minor details!

He would neither let her go out nor order a bathtub be sent here, yet he wanted her to take a bath. Then what should she use to bathe? Dry-clean? Or use some kind of cleaning technique from an immortal cultivation art? It would not be that outrageous, right?!

Ning Xuemo spread her hands. “Then what does Your Highness want me to do?”

Ji Yunhuang opened the door and started heading out. “I will take you there.”

Ning Xuemo silently followed him.

Troubling the crown prince to personally bring her to a bath house, her worth was truly big!

When Ji Yunhuang returned, the residence returned to its usual orderly state. Servants were going about their business in a busy but organized fashion.

As Ji Yunhuang brought her to the changing room, they passed by many servants. Seeing Ji Yunhuang approaching from afar, they prostrated themselves and most did not dare to raise their heads to look at him. Only two people had the courage to lift their heads to take a peek…

Naturally there were some who noticed Ning Xuemo. Though they were surprised, they did not dare mention it.

Of course, no one would go around spreading this outside the residence.

With that maid who had served the tea to Ji Yunhao as an example, who would still dare to gossip?


They walked past 3 courtyards, 2 corridors, and a pond…

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