SSMD – Chapter 77

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 77 – Curing Her Cold (2)

Only if one was a psychokinesis expert and had cultivated some kind of demonic arts could he or she absorb or devour someone else’s psychokinesis.

And Ning Xuemo with her crippled physique that could not cultivate psychokinesis, even if she wanted to absorb his psychokinesis, she would not have the ability to do so.

‘Then what was that just now?’

When his psychokinesis had neared her dantian, it suddenly seemed to have disappeared without a trace like mud thrown into the sea.

He had even felt his arms tighten as the psychokinesis was crazily sucked out of him…

If he had not been quick-witted with fast reflexes and swiftly pulled his hand back, he might have lost quite a sizable portion of his psychokinesis…

He eyed Ning Xuemo. On this continent, those that could devour other people’s psychokinesis were only those devil practitioners from evil sects. Furthermore, it required them to be at least rank 2 in the Earth realm.

Even if it was a peerless heavenly talent, it would still require that person to be around 20 years old to reach that stage.

And Ning Xuemo was only 13 years old. Even if she had began practising from inside her mother’s womb, she still would not have been able to reach this level…

What more when added to her inability to cultivate psychokinesis!

Though he felt alarmed, he did not show it and reached for her hand again. “Perhaps I was too tired just now and got it wrong… Come, let’s do it again.” He once again began to channel psychokinesis into her.

Though he looked like it had not affected him, in actual fact, he was being rather careful and cautiously controlled his psychokinesis, ready to withdraw at the slightest hint of it being absorbed. Like this, his psychokinesis once again neared her dantian…

He solidified his psychokinesis into a thin filament, ready to withdraw it at any moment. However, he had not thought that this time he would not feel any force influencing his psychokinesis. His psychokinesis simply flowed through her dantian without any obstruction…

Could it be that he really had been too tired just now?

After an hour later, under the stimulation of Ji Yunhuang’s psychokinesis, Ning Xuemo’s whole body was covered in sweat, and her light headedness faded completely.

When Ji Yunhuang withdrew his psychokinesis, Ning Xuemo leapt up, wreathed in smiles. “Your Highness really has quite a bit of ability. My cold is actually completely cured!”

She had jumped up too excitedly, carelessly tripping over the blanket and falling towards Ji Yunhuang…

Ji Yunhuang subconsciously opened his arms and did not forget to tease her with a smile, “You’re throwing yourself at me…”

He had not finished his words when Ning Xuemo, who had been falling towards his arms, suddenly slapped out her palm at his chest and used the rebound to steady herself.

He managed to catch a whiff of her scent but had not actually managed to touch her. Instead, he received a palm to his chest. If his martial arts ability was not profound, he would have been sent flying by that palm.

His body shook slightly as he dispersed the force of her palm strike. His gaze towards Ning Xuemo turned somewhat dark.

‘Just what kind of movement technique did this brat learn?’

He, who was considered to be knowledgeable, was actually not able to recognise it at all…

Ning Xuemo sighed in relief after she regained her balance, but when she caught Ji Yunhuang’s gaze towards her, her heart skipped a beat!

She was a secret service agent and was used to keeping people at a distance by instinct. Just now when she had struck out that palm, it had been purely her body’s instinct to keep away from other people.

Only after her actions had been completed did she regain her senses and realise that her actions had been somewhat excessive…

She coughed and smiled, “Xuemo slipped and nearly fell on Your Highness. I really lack manners. Please forgive me.”

Ji Yunhuang was speechless. And she did not consider her palm strike to be lacking in manners? What kind of logic is this?!

This girl’s reaction speed was definitely not slow!

Furthermore, it seemed like she held quite a bit of wariness for him subconsciously…

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