SSMD – Chapter 76

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 76 – Curing Her Cold (1)

Ji Yunhuang stopped her from lifting the quilt. “Fine, just rest here. I don’t want people to think I’m bullying a child.” He felt that her hand was a little too hot so he furrowed his brow. “You have a fever?”

Ning Xuemo silently withdrew her hand. “My body is a bit weak. I seem to caught a cold from last night.” Her voice was a bit nasally.

Her eyes were a bit watery, and her face looked red from the fever, causing her to appear very pitiable.

Ji Yunhuang’s heart was touched and without saying anything further, he pulled her to sit in front of him. “Come let me heal you.”

The people on Chang Kong Continent rarely caught colds due to having innate talent for psychokinesis. But when they did, it was hard for them to get better.

They must treat the cold early on so that they could heal faster.

Logically speaking, the previous owner of Ning Xuemo’s body ought to have caught colds very often since her body could not cultivate psychokinesis.

Maybe because she was impoverished and had suffered too many hardships worse than a child from a poor family that she never caught a cold despite having starved until she looked malnourished and sickly. Who knew what  would happen if her little body also caught a cold?

Usually, when she felt uncomfortable, she just used acupuncture treatment to make it go away. If it had been the previous world she came from, just using this technique once would have been enough, therefore after treating herself, she went to sleep.

But she did not think that after waking up, not only did her cold not show any signs of getting better, instead it got worse; she felt dizzy and her nose was congested.

At first,she had not taken the cold seriously, but upon seeing Ji Yunhuang’s somewhat grave expression, her heart stirred.

She still had a lot of things she needed to do and could not spare the time to take care of her health. Now that she was sick, she might as well take a look at this era’s methods to cure colds and learn a bit from it.

Therefore, she did not reject his help and spoke, “Then many thanks, Your Highness.” She sat in front of him and waited for him to cure her cold.

Ji Yunhuang was sitting across from her, and he took  her hands and joined them together with his . Then, he started channelling psychokinesis into her body.

This scene looked very similar to the healing scenes in wuxia movies and television dramas…

Ning Xuemo only felt a warm ethereal power flow into her body from her palms. It flowed into her veins passing through her meridians, and everywhere it went, a refreshing feeling could be felt. Her blood flow, which was somewhat sluggish, showed signs of speeding up…

She felt a burning hot feeling in her body, causing the tips of her nose to ooze sweat. Her congested nose also started to clear up.

Oh! So it turned out that psychokinesis was more effective for curing a cold. His psychokinesis circulating around her body made her feel as if she had eaten a special anti-fever medicine. The results were immediate!

This world’s psychokinesis was indeed amazing and mysterious…

If she had psychokinesis, then it would really upgrade her medical skills by a level!

She ended up getting distracted by her thoughts. When the psychokinesis stream flowed into her dantian, the lively stream of psychokinesis suddenly disappeared!

‘Retracting it at this point?’

Ning Xuemo opened her eyes as she planned on asking him why he stopped and to urge him to complete one more revolution. But she had not thought that she would find him staring at her with a dumbfounded expression on his face. The way he looked at her was a bit strange.

“What happened? Is something not good?” Ning Xuemo stretched her arms a bit, feeling half relaxed and half sore…

Ji Yunhuang stared at her. “Did you take that opportunity to absorb my psychokinesis?”

Ning Xuemo was astonished. “Absorb your psychokinesis? How is that possible?! You’re helping me cure my cold. Why would I go and absorb your psychokinesis?”

Ji Yunhuang immediately seemed to understand. “You shouldn’t have absorbed it on purpose…”

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