SSMD – Chapter 75

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 75 – Disputing Over the Bed

Tu Yidao had been afflicted with his illness for a long time. Therefore, it would not be strange that he would feel moved and tempted to do something unusual when a hope for curing it suddenly appeared.

But Ji Yunhuang had not thought that Tu Yidao had such guts, actually daring to just let someone go like that…

Ji Yunhuang seemed to have thought of something and asked Ning Xuemo, “When you were in the Ministry of Justice’s Prison, did you sign the confession?”

Ning Xuemo shook her head. “I didn’t kill the person, so of course I wouldn’t!”

Ji Yunhuang thought of the confession in the hands of Lord Lu and his heart moved. “Xuemo, write a few words for me to see.”

Since Ning Xuemo was a secret service agent in her previous world, she naturally had the ability to imitate handwritings. When she wrote out a few words, she imitated the handwriting of this body’s previous owner.

Ji Yunhuang picked it up and examined it. He was an expert in calligraphy. Hence, he compared Ning Xuemo’s handwriting with the handwriting on the confession which he had memorised. His lips slightly lifted; he understood now.

The two handwritings might seem similar, but the minute differences could not escape his experienced eyes. That signature on the confession was fake!

It seems like Tu Yidao had received an order to kill, so he had to force out a confession one way or another before silencing her.

However Tu Yidao dared to plot and defy the order by using the “the plum tree withers in place of the peach tree” trick and released Ning Xuemo.

He had found someone to imitate Ning Xuemo’s handwriting to sign the confession and write the suicide letter…

If Ning Xuemo had not come looking for him, then even he would have been fooled!

But was Tu Yidao the type of person to just let someone out in secret?

With his character, Tu Yidao would not have allowed this type of potential catastrophe remain untouched. Perhaps there were other things he, the crown prince, was not aware of…

Ji Yunhuang once again stared at Ning Xuemo who was combing her hair. The peach wood comb slid through her black hair, causing it to look soft like satin.

It was very nice watching her comb her hair. Ji Yunhuang could not resist watching her for a bit more.

“What do you plan to do from now on?” Ji Yunhuang asked her.

Ning Xuemo’s large eyes stared at him. “Of course I hope that Your Highness can testify for me and clear my name.”

Ji Yunhuang thought deeply for a while, before finally making his decision. “Fine. Wait until I rest for four hours first. Then, we’ll go to clear away this grievance.”

Ning Xuemo expressed bewilderment. “Since Your Highness has decided to testify for me, why aren’t you acting immediately?”

Ji Yunhuang stifled a yawn. “Little Xuemo, I didn’t get any sleep last night. Can you let me sleep so I can recover my spirit and have enough energy to redress injustice for you?”

Fine! She’ll listen to him and wait for a few more hours to let him have some rest.

As a former secret service agent, what she did not lack the most was patience. Therefore, she agreed.

To tell the truth, she had only gotten around two hours of sleep last night as well, so she was feeling rather drowsy.

She didn’t stay polite and jumped on the big bed, smiling at Ji Yunhuang while speaking, “Your Highness is most likely going to sleep on the rope like before, right? I saw that Your Highness was steady and unaffected when lying down on the rope. You must be used to it. My skill is not up to par, so if I sleep on the rope, I will definitely fall down. I guess I can only sleep on the bed then.”

While she was speaking so eloquently, she had already made herself comfortable under the quilt.

Ji Yunhuang who was taking off his outer robe heard her words; his fingers paused. Lightly displaying a smile that was not really a smile, he stared at her. “You actually dare to say that!”

For the sake of using his bed, she argued for it so righteously. In this world, only she would do so…

Ning Xuemo seemed as if she could not keep her eyes open anymore, and she rubbed her face. “Could it be that you don’t agree? Then forget it, I’ll just sleep on the chair.” Speaking these words, she lifted the blanket and was about to get off the bed.

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  1. midoriha says:

    now…let’s argue over the bed! that’ll be fun? both are really tired, though!


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