SSMD – Chapter 74

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 74 – Out of Danger

Because Ji Yunhuang had not been in his residence at that time, Ning Xuemo had been brazenly taken away by the Ministry of Justice. This made the servants in the crown prince’s residence frantic, causing the residence’s security to be more lax and allowing Ning Xuemo to slip in easily.

In addition, without the crown prince’s orders, no one would dare to enter his sleeping quarters. This enabled Ning Xuemo to sleep at ease, so much so that she had a dreamless slumber.

Perhaps she had spent too long in that little stream bathing, because when she woke up, she felt a little bit dizzy. She raised her hand to feel the temperature on her forehead before groaning in her mind.

Her forehead was somewhat hot. She caught a cold!

No wonder she slept so deeply, not noticing the crown prince’s arrival until quite a while later, despite usually being on high alert.

Regarding the details involving her escape, she naturally could not tell him about them. Fortunately, she had already anticipated that he would ask this and had prepared an answer beforehand.

Hence, when Ji Yunhuang asked her, she simply told him the answer she prepared.

She told him that when she was in the Ministry of Justice’s Prison, Tu Yidao had at first planned on torturing her; but, after she saw his legs and told him about his disease, she made a deal with him. If she was able to cure him completely, he would let her go.

Tu Yidao agreed. Then, she spent half the night to help him cure his illness but did not complete the last step of the treatment for fear that he would renege on their deal. She told him that she would only complete the last step of the treatment after she had regained her freedom…

Since Tu Yidao wanted to completely cure his illness, he disguised her as a corpse and got her out that way… After escaping, she had felt wronged and did not want to run away, therefore she could only come here and wait for him to seek justice on her behalf…

For the finishing touch, she did not forget to flatter Ji Yunhuang. “Xuemo knows that Your Highness hates evil and injustice. You definitely won’t allow Xuemo to suffer a grievance and will certainly get justice for me. That’s why I came back and waited for Your Highness…”

Her explanation comprised of 7 parts truth and 3 parts false and could be considered to be flawless.

Ji Yunhuang lightly looked at her, while faintly smiling. “Tu Yidao’s illness couldn’t be cured by many famed physicians, but you actually managed to cure it in the course of one night?”

Ning Xuemo lightly smiled. “Has Your Highness forgotten? I have exceptional medical skills! If Your Highness doesn’t believe me, then you can go and question Tu Yidao. However, I’m afraid that he won’t easily confess as he’ll be too afraid of being punished… But I’m sure Your Highness definitely has a way to make him talk.”

“Tu Yidao is dead.” Ji Yunhuang threw out these words.

Ning Xuemo’s eyes widened. “Dead? But he was perfectly fine when I left last night!” Her face showed disbelief.

Ji Yunhuang sized her up. Her eyes were as clear as water; it seemed like she wasn’t acting.

His heart held an unknown feeling. This girl… even he couldn’t see through her…

She looked very innocent and pure, but in reality, she was a cunning little fox!

Ji Yunhuang lightly smiled. “I heard he was drunk, fell into the lake and drowned to death. Could it be that he was too ecstatic after managing to cure his illness that he broke his own prohibition about drinking, and drank too much, losing his life as a result of his intoxication?”

Ning Xuemo’s face suddenly held some regret. “So it was like this. I really feel pity for him. After much difficulty, he managed to find a cure to his illness, and his good days were just beginning but he…”

When Ji Yunhuang had left the Ministry of Justice’s Prison, he had his men investigate Tu Yidao’s matter. Therefore, he was aware that Tu Yidao had walked out on his own two feet. The guards that saw him had even gone up to congratulate him!

Although Ji Yunhuang was not very familiar with Tu Yidao, he had heard about Tu Yidao’s behaviour and character. He knew that all those who ended up in Tu Yidao’s hands would not be able to escape in one piece, but unexpectedly, Ning Xuemo had actually used such a method to escape…

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