SSMD – Chapter 73

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 73 – It’s a Long Story

Hearing his tone, Ning Xuemo understood that he already knew most of what happened. Her small lips pursed into a smile. “Crown Prince, I’ve been wronged. Hu Diechang’s death had nothing to do with me; I didn’t kill her!”

Ji Yunhuang lightly nodded. “This, I know. What I’m curious about is how did you manage to escape?”

Ning Xuemo sighed, “It’s a long story. Xuemo almost couldn’t see Your Highness again. Let me take a sip of water first.” Her throat felt parched.

Last night in order to escape, she had peeled Tu Yidao’s face off and worn it to pose as him.

She definitely understood human nature accurately, hence she knew that Tu Yidao would definitely not abide to his promises. What’s more, she also knew that after those four jailers started torturing him on her orders, even if they realized it was the wrong person, they would still follow through with the task to the end. They would do the dirty work for her, so she did not need to worry about tying up loose ends.

In her previous life, she had killed a large number of people and had performed surgery on many others. For her, using a knife to cut and slice people was as normal as having a meal; therefore, she could go through with torturing Tu Yidao.

However, operating on someone and torturing someone were two drastically different concepts. The former was done under anesthesia, but the latter was done without any care to the other person’s well-being. This caused the feelings that came along with the two actions to be quite different…

Back then, Ning Xuemo had looked calm, and her hands were steady. But the truth was her stomach had been churning coupled with the need to vomit!

Especially when she had to peel off and wear Tu Yidao’s face, the bloody smell of the freshly peeled off skin violently assaulted her nostrils, causing her stomach to roil even more.

When she hurriedly left the prison, she found a secluded corner to puke in!

She quickly tore the face mask off and broke into a clothing shop to steal some new clothes. Afterwards, she took advantage of the night to wash off the bloody scent on her by a small stream.  

Because of the psychological shock left by her act of torture that went far beyond her usual methods, she kept feeling as if her hands and body were stained with Tu Yidao’s blood. Therefore, she continued scrubbing herself clean for a long period of time. Only after bathing for an hour did she get out and wear the clothes she stole. When she could not smell the scent of blood anymore, she immediately felt much better.

Had she been any other girl who had just escaped from the jaws of death, she would have simply allowed herself to suffer this injustice and ran as far away from the capital as possible, preferably somewhere outside the borders of Chang Kong Country..

However, Ning Xuemo didn’t want to run away!

It was not in her character to tolerate humiliation. If she just left without making a single noise about the grievance she had suffered, then what difference was that to a turtle hiding away in its shell?

Since she had become the eldest daughter of the Ning family, then she would not allow this girl to suffer any more insults to her name!

She wanted to wash off this injustice. Even if she was going to leave, she would do so after clearing her name, else she would be letting the person who plotted against her have the last laugh!

Furthermore, she had recently revived the Marquis’ Mansion, and many people were depending on her. Even more importantly, the Chastity Testing Beast was still there.

She felt a strong sense of obligation toward that fellow, so she did not want to just abandon him and run away…

The most important factor though, proved to be that Hu Diechang’s case would not be too hard to resolve. She just had to last the night and wait for Ji Yunhuang to come back. Then, she could rely on his influence and power to help her resolve it!

Tonight she had been through too many tiring things, and her body could not bear the exhaustion, so she had needed to quickly find a place to rest and regain her strength.

Where was the safest place to be? What location could she use as a haven? Of course it would be the crown prince’s sleeping quarters!

Hence after Ning Xuemo cleaned herself, she headed for the crown prince’s residence and on the way, she came across those four jailers who were drowning a fake Tu Yidao…

She hid in a dark corner and waited until they left before throwing away Tu Yidao’s clothes and… his face. She threw everything into the lake.

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