SSMD – Chapter 70

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 70 – Committing Mistake After Mistake (3)

Ji Yunhuang rushed to the Ministry of Justice without saying much. As he was about to charge into the Ministry of Justice, he met with Lord Lu who had come to his residence with soldiers last night.

Lord Lu’s face showed an apologetic smile and told him that Ning Xuemo had been detained in the Ministry of Justice’s Prison. He also brought out the confession letter and told him that Ning Xuemo had confessed to the charges against her.

When Ji Yunhuang heard that she had been locked up in the Ministry of Justice’s Prison, his expression drastically changed! Other people might not know what kind of place it was, but he definitely knew! He had once entered the prison out of boredom and had witnessed the jailers’ cruel torture methods…

Even an iron-willed man would break down. Once a criminal entered the prison he would not come out of there the same way, let alone Ning Xuemo who had a frail and delicate body. How would she be able to survive in that kind of environment?

She was trapped in that kind of place all alone and helpless for the whole night. How scared must she be?!

His eyes quickly scanned the confession letter before discarding it with a cold smile. “I don’t believe it! I saw everything that happened in the teahouse yesterday with my own eyes. She clearly did not attack Hu Diechang and only argued with her without actually physically harming her. On the contrary, Hu Diechang attempted to attack her. If she was not rather nimble, she would have taken a major loss!”

Lord Lu smiled apologetically. “Perhaps, because of such an event, she began harbouring hatred in her heart and snuck into the Grand Marshal’s residence in the cover of the night to poison Miss Hu…”

“What unbelievable nonsense!” Ji Yunhuang’s face turned colder. “She had received such a heavy injury in the teahouse and was personally brought to my residence to heal. When would she have the time to murder that Hu girl with poison?”

“Maybe she waited until you weren’t in the residence before sneaking off to kill her…”

“That is even more ridiculous! Let me ask you, when did Hu Diechang die?”

“Approximately between 7pm and 9pm.”

“Then your conjecture is wrong! I left the residence 45 minutes past that time period. Before that, she was with me. How could she have been able to secretly leave and kill someone?!”

Lord Lu was rendered speechless by Ji Yunhuang’s refutations. “Maybe- Maybe she secretly dispatched people and no one would have known. She truly confessed…”

“Once she entered that place, even if she was a man, she would still be forced to confess regardless of guilt! Where is she now?!” The always indifferent, refined and elegant Crown Prince lost his calm demeanour and lifted Lord Lu by the collar.

His intensely thick killing intent caused Lord Lu to tremble. “Earlier this morning she committed suicide out of guilt inside the Ministry of Justice’s Prison”

‘She died?!’

Bang! Lord Lu was tossed to the ground with a crash.

Ji Yunhuang’s silhouette flickered as he hurriedly entered the Ministry of Justice.

Lord Lu had been tossed so hard to the ground that his bones ached with pain, preventing him from getting up for a while…

His face turned ashen, taking him a long while before he could recover his spirit.

He had been an official for so many years, and this was the first time he saw the Crown Prince lose his composure like this!

It seems like the Crown Prince really valued this little girl…


Inside the torture chamber of the Ministry of Justice’s prison

Although the blood on the floor had already been cleaned up, the scent of fresh blood still lingered in the air, smelling rather pungent.

As Ji Yunhuang circled around inside the torture room, his heart sank deeper.

Bloodstains covered the torture instruments. He even found a few rags of Ning Xuemo’s clothes that had fallen into a crack. They were bloodstained too, serving as proof that their owner had undergone torture last night.

The four jailers who were in charge of Ning Xuemo’s punishment were trembling as they knelt before the Crown Prince.They watched as he examined the torture chamber, every step he made caused them to feel as if their heart had been trampled on.

They had not thought that the Crown Prince himself would personally come and carefully investigate the matter.

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