SSMD – Chapter 7

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 7 – His Imperial Majesty, the Venerable Emperor is attending

Many people also joined the group of people who tried to soothe Ning Xuemo.

Ning Xuemo’s words earlier had already evoke many people’s compassion. Right now, they felt there was no difference between them and the lone girl from the Marquis’s House. She was also a pitiful person who is bullied by a privileged class and was not much better than them…

This made them united together against a common enemy and unconsciously considered Ning Xuemo as part of their group.

Ji Yunhao’s face was a very unsightly.

Regardless of whether Ning Xuemo is innocent or not, the fact that he persecuted and accused a lone and weak girl of a crime had made the people’s heart wavered against him…

‘This absolutely disgraceful girl must die!’ Inside his eyes, a trace of something sinister flashed through.

Suddenly, there was a disturbance on the street to the left side of the public square as a wave of people rushed forth.

“His Imperial Majesty, the Venerable Emperor! His Imperial Majesty, the Venerable Emperor, has arrived!”

“Kyah! Kyah! It’s true, the Ancestor is coming.”

“His Imperial Majesty, the Venerable Emperor, is he passing by here?”

“I didn’t expected today I will have such a good fortune and can see the Ancestor’s carriage…”

“Stop talking! Qui-quickly kneel!”

The first reaction of the crowd was to drop their discussions and, in the blink of an eye, everyone was kneeling down while facing the long street. Ji Yun Hao’s complexion changed as he silently commanded the Imperial guards to kneel down.

Previously, there was some confusion among the people in the public square, but, in a split of a second, calm and order were now reigning. It was so quiet that the sound of a dropped needle could be clearly heard.

On the wide and clear out main street next to the public square, the people wearing all kind of different attires were kneeling on the ground. Every one of them were holding their breath, not daring to make a sound nor gasping for air.

Then, a group of people riding horses appeared, winding down the street.

In front of the procession there was 16 little boys and girls in light purple clothes scattering flowers on the clear road. Following behind them, there was 18 youngsters wearing odd clothes that were not monk clothes, yet not common clothes, with matching purple color as the previous group. Their hair scattered over their shoulders without a single strand out of place. They lightly waved the horsetail whisk in their hand which released a refreshing smell, filling the whole air on the street. The fragrance was extremely light and very gentle and seemed like it could seep into people’s heart and soul.

Behind the group of youngster was 16 young ladies wearing light purple dress that fluttered like clouds. Coiled around their shoulders, there was a very long purple muslin like running water, they intertwined together like flowers as to support the blue palanquin.

That big palanquin compared to a normal one was clearly different as it was a ‘palanquin with eight carriers’ standard. It was made from unknown materials and was entirely blue in color, as blue like the pure blue sky.

The setting sun were as red as blood, shining down the last rays before day ends. Unexpectedly, not even the slightest tint of red could be see on the palanquin, as if all the sun’s light has been completely swallowed by the azure color.

On the roof of the palanquin, there was a mast-like structure. That structure was also a pure blue and faintly emitted a faint luster. Embed at the top of the structure was a pure and limpid crimson gem, vivid and glittering like a small sun. It was attracting a lot of eyes.

All the young ladies’ faces were covered by a veil of muslin like mist covering a Chinese peony.

It was sumptuous, mysterious, lofty…

All of the adjectives used to describe this group of people wasn’t an exaggeration.

The curtains of the palanquin was down, perfectly covering the openings of the palanquin without even showing as much as a corner of clothes of the people inside.

However, everyone knew that this was the Venerable Emperor’s carriage, the most powerful god on the continent.

As the Ancestor arrived, a great number of people bent their head to bow without exception.

Regardless of whether it was the boys opening the road, the youngsters scattering the fragrance or the young ladies pulling the palanquin, each and every one of them had light and graceful footsteps. As they walked down the street, their snow white socks didn’t raised even a speck of dust as if they were lightly floating.

His Imperial Majesty, the Ten Thousand Venerable Emperor, or the Ancestor for short, was a legend on the continent. The rumors said his psychokinesis had already cultivate to the peak. He was also an immortal that never grow old nor die and, in this world, all the monarchs of other country revered him like a god, not even daring to be slightly disrespectful.

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