SSMD – Chapter 69

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 69 – Committing Mistake After Mistake (2)

Tu Yidao had dexterous hands and managed to almost perfectly imitate Ning Xuemo’s handwriting. He was always proud of this skill, but now he was using it to sign his own life away…

After the four jailers acquired all the required items in their hands, they finally felt reassured.

Then, the leader of the group picked up a knife and tapped it against Tu Yidao, while saying a few words, “Chief, don’t blame us. Who asked you to unexpectedly fall into that little girl’s trap? Furthermore, this was all arranged by you. We were only following orders. Set your mind at ease and depart in peace!” The knife plunged into Tu Yidao’s heart, cleanly and neatly eliminating a potential problematic issue.

Beforehand, they discussed about what steps they were going to take in the future and had decided to burn Tu Yidao’s body.

These were the orders from the higher-ups.

After obtaining the confession and suicide letter from Ning Xuemo, they had to incinerate her body and leave no evidence behind…

Originally, every step of the plan had been flawless, but Ning Xuemo’s deviance had not been factored in, hence causing such a big miscalculation.

Only after cleaning up all traces of the body did they remember about the fake Tu Yidao who happens to be Ning Xuemo in reality. They rushed to the entrance to ask around. They were told that Tu Yidao had left around 1 AM to 3 AM and was probably already at home sleeping.

Those four naturally knew the way to Tu Yidao’s house and rushed there together.

As they thought, Tu Yidao had not returned at all!

They had to find an explanation for Tu Yidao’s disappearance. Hence, the four of them discussed for a bit before suddenly forming an idea. They found a beggar whose stature was similar to Tu Yidao’s and got him drunk. Afterwards, they got him running, more like stumbling, around the lake in the centre of the capital. Of course, along the way, people would see this ‘Tu Yidao’, but they would not take further notice of someone as drunk as him.

After all of that preparation, the four people pushed the drunk beggar into the lake. Only after seeing him drown with their own eyes did they feel satisfied…

In the big lake lived a terrible beast as fierce as a crocodile, whoever fell in would become its dinner without leaving behind even a piece of bone.

Hence they were not afraid that someone would drag the body out to examine it…

The only thing that still worried them was the escaped Ning Xuemo. If she ran far away and never appeared in front of them again, then they would not be afraid.

They were just scared that this brat would go and report this case and wanted to redress her grievances…

This was bound to be a sleepless night for them. They got their good friends from all walks of life to help them secretly search for Ning Xuemo’s whereabouts. Of course, they also checked the Marquis’ Mansion.

By daybreak, they received a report about their fruitless efforts in searching. It appeared that she did not return to the Marquis’ Mansion last night…

It seems like this cunning girl had already left the city!

At this time, they had no other solution and could only send people to search outside of the city. If they could find her, they could silence her and ensure that there will be no future troubles.

They had been extremely busy last night, causing them to be exhausted. However, they still could not go back and rest, because that person would send someone to investigate the results. Therefore, they had to hurry back.


Ji Yunhuang had stayed in the Imperial Palace the whole night to accompany Emperor Le Xuan. He had not been able to leave even for a moment.

Only when daybreak came did the emperor allow him to go back to his residence.

As he hurriedly left the palace, he ran into his frantic butler who reported to him the sudden bad news.

Miss Ning who he had brought back to his residence had been arrested by the Ministry of Justice!

She was arrested with the charge of murdering Marshal Hu’s daughter, Hu Diechang.

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