SSMD – Chapter 68

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 68 – Committing Mistake After Mistake (1)

The skin on that girl’s hand was in ruins and only the piece intact was the part covering the thumb. It might have been because of the pain, but her hands trembled as she tolerated it and strenuously managed to write out a few words, which caused the four jailers to be thoroughly incensed!

What she wrote was: I am Tu Yidao!

Your Mother! At this time, she was actually trying to pose as their Chief!

Those four were not polite and immediately initiated another round of torture, letting her wallow in hell for a few rounds, before another confession paper was taken out for her to sign.

But they had not thought that after writing those same words again, she would even add another line: I am Tu Yidao. She plotted against me, taking my face to pose as me…

The pain made her unable to write properly, causing the words to look like dog scratchings. Fortunately, those four people could still read it.

At first, they thought that she intentionally caused trouble; hence everyone, apart from Old Three, cursed angrily and wanted to start another round of torture…

Old Three was rather careful though and stopped them, “Could it be real?”

Just now, he had acted the most. Although her skin had already been cut into tattered pieces,  he faintly felt as if it wasn’t that of a young girl’s…

The four of them looked at each other and reined in their impulses before carefully examining ‘her’…

After a moment, all four slowly retreated a step.

Although the features of the person being tortured had been ruined beyond recognition, these four had their experiences built on torturing countless people and possessed an exceptional understanding about the human anatomy.

A few features could clearly be seen not to belong to a female. Furthermore, this person was not young…

Could it be that their Chief was really swapped with Ning Xuemo ?!

The one that they had wholeheartedly tortured was their Chief Tu Yidao?!

Four pairs of eyes landed on the tortured person.

The tortured person  held a faint look of hope in his eyes, and without caring about the pain, he frantically tried to make some hand signals. They were the hand signals they often used, which outsiders would have no way of knowing about.

Because he was nailed to the wall, his range of movement was restricted, causing his movements to be exceptionally slow. However, they were not the slightest bit different from their hand signals.

Old Three blurted out, “Heavens, it’s really our Chief!” He wanted to leap over to help him off the wall.

However, the leader of their group stopped him. Sullenly looking at that person before suddenly smiling coldly he said, “You still want to pose as our Chief. You must be tired of living! Old Two and Old Fourth, go prepare the dismembering tools. It seems like she’s the real deal, actually not wanting to confess!”

They definitely could not acknowledge that it was Tu Yidao!

Tu Yidao’s character was cold and vindictive. He would seek vengeance for the smallest things.

When they had been unaware of the situation, they had inflicted a lot of torture on him. According to his character, he would definitely harbour hatred in his heart, and if they let him go, they would inevitably suffer his cruel revenge!

Since it was like this, then they could only keep committing mistake after mistake.

The other three also understood this. So after glancing at each other, they also decided to go along with it…

Tu Yidao fell into despair. All these tortures had been carefully honed and enhanced by him; however, he would not have thought that he would have a taste of it today. Furthermore, the ones who were torturing him knew who he was but actually went ahead with it. This was what caused him to despair!

He would not be able to survive those torture methods! In addition, those four people would definitely not let him survive. They had already decided to press further with that mistake.

If he wanted to receive less pain, then he should just go ahead with their idea and sign the confession…

When he finally accepted his fate and signed the confession, those four people let out sighs of relief. They brought him down from the wall and dragged him into a quiet room, as if they were dragging a dead dog. They forced him to imitate Ning Xuemo’s handwriting and to write a letter saying that she wanted to commit suicide to avoid punishment…

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  1. Manga Hunter says:

    She’ll definitely say that’s not her handwriting. Lol, but torture is never good. Thanks for the chapters.

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  2. Holy crap did not expect this turn around. In fact I was expecting the crown prince to save her after she delayed for a while, but the way I expected her to delay was completely different (partially crippled after an hour or two of tourtured and then being rescued then spending her remain money to make a poison so dearly it wipes half the capital out with the crown prince surviving returning to his school and swearing vengeance while the mc finds a cave to recuparate…) but this way is better …

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  3. putribatik says:

    I love xuemo more, especially her ‘way’ of handling things 😀

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  4. yzrahc says:

    looking at it on another side… this could be a perfect escape plot of “dying” and disappearing so the emperor won’t seek her death again… she just needs to change her face or go to another kingdom to hide for the mean time… (but the big beast will surely be a hassle)

    these chapters made my heart in suspense….
    thank you (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

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  5. Rikka says:

    Ha! what a way to destroy the norm!
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  6. arashichan12 says:

    This is more gruesome than what I usually read, but I like the heroine so I’ll deal with it. Is there going to be more torture scenes like this? Because I may want to skip them. I…have a vivid imagination and something like this isn’t very thrilling to sit through. >_<

    Thank you for the chapters though!! Eat karma, bastard!! Muahahahaha!!!!

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    Tu Yideo met his match.


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    I also gotta admit…it kind of embarrassing… I still don’t know who the emperor is


    • Danielle says:

      This emperor is the princes father. The Emperor that we met at the begining of the story is someone else. The translator changed his name to something else. He’s like the ultimate most powerful person in the book.


  14. sangti says:

    He hasn’t received half the retribution he so deserves. Remember that the man has tortured hundreds if not thousands of people. Retribution would be his suffering of the same torture he has inflicted on every single innocent soul. Each cut, hit or stab, he has to suffer through it all. Thanks for the chapters!


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