SSMD – Chapter 67

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 67 – Escape

“Right, right, that girl was only trying to delay time but was seen through by Boss and was punished harshly…”

“Yeah, yeah! This little girl should have been taught a lesson! Actually angering Chief so much that he had to personally take action.”

“This idiot. No matter how long she delayed she wouldn’t have been able to escape death. Chief, are you tired? Let us take over!” The four men tried to kiss up to their boss while eagerly preparing to take over.

Tu Yidao, who was in his wheelchair, slowly got up and took two steps forward. Under the gazes of his subordinates, he ceremoniously dusted off his tunic before yawning. “En, I’ll let you guys take over from here. Today I don’t want it to be so noisy, so I seared shut her throat. She won’t be able to say a thing. After she signs the confession deal with her.”

The four subordinates saw that he could surprisingly manage to walk so calmly and steadily and were astounded. Naturally, another round of congratulations and ass-kissing started.

Tu Yidao remained gloomily cold and plainly nodded.

These people were already used to his attitude, so it did not raise any suspicions. Every one of them urged him to go rest and assured him that they could take over from here.

Tu Yidao once again yawned and said, “Then I’ll have to bother you guys. If you guys complete your task well, you’ll be rewarded.” He waltzed out amidst the flattery of his subordinates.

When the young girl who was nailed to the wall saw the four men, a light flashed through her eyes. She opened her mouth and tried to say something, but her voice had already been destroyed. Only incoherent sounds came out…

Seeing the four men completely ignoring her, despair filled her eyes.

After Tu Yidao left, those four people slowly walked towards her.

One held a knife; one held a pair of burning tongs, and one held a hammer… They fiercely grinned at her.

“Little girl, your medical skills are really good. Surprisingly, you managed to cure our Chief’s illness… But, our Chief is famous for going back on his words. Did you think that after curing him, you would be let off for the night? Haha, you’re really too naïve! Whatever he was supposed to do he did anyways…”

“Our Chief is really very thorough; both her legs are already broken.” One person gloated while poking at her noodle-like legs.

“What a pity, such a fine lady, your looks weren’t bad either but now you look like this. Tsk! Tsk!  At first, us brothers wanted to let you have a taste of men, but now you’ve become this bloody lump of meat, and we don’t feel any interest anymore…” One person seemed to show regret.

“Hehehe! Old three, do you think our Chief has already had a taste?” Yet another person grinned as he raked his wretched gaze on the figure being pinned up on the wall.

“Does this even need to be said. If she is like this, doesn’t that mean he’s already let her have a taste of his ecstasy stick? Once the Chief samples a woman, he would nail them up like this…”

Old three swept his gaze over that person’s private area. It was a mix of bloody flesh. Nothing could be made out of it anymore…

The four of them stifled bored yawns and did not look any closer. They only wanted to get it over with and go to sleep. So, they inflicted 18 different kinds of torture methods meant to get her to confess…

They must have been too tired and had forgotten at first that her voice had been destroyed, hence she could not speak up. They inflicted brutal tortures that left her hovering on the threshold of life and death before finally remembering that she could not speak.

Someone allowed her to use her head to express herself.

The person on the wall hurriedly nodded, agreeing to confess.

They finally let out contented sighs and brought over the confession that had been prepared beforehand.

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4 comments on “SSMD – Chapter 67

  1. Zeu says:

    Yoyeahya, seriously I don’t know whether to cry or laugh…..

    I guess… I’m going to laugh then.


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  2. midoriha says:

    -rubs hands together- what little girl? that certainly isn’t xuemo, heehee!


  3. DD says:

    …. Do it sound bad for me to wish xuemo to torture the rest of the guard too? I mean first let them torture the chief then paralyze them then torture them one by one or make them torture them self? To much SAW?

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  4. Zai says:

    I HAVE A PREDICTION!!!!! Maybe they are seeing an Illusion, like those formations the 6th Princes’s Shadow talked about! – I think these guards are really torturing thier boss!!!!!
    [Disclaimer: I don’t actually know]


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