SSMD – Chapter 66

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 66 – Pretending to be a Pig to Devour the Tiger (4)

Even if she delays everything until dawn, she still would not be able to escape death. She could only formulate other ideas to escape.

What a tragedy, she had not even transmigrated over for long and had already encountered such a high-level boss. Did the god who managed transmigrations want to test her ability or toyed with her fate until she died?

Not doing anything and passively awaiting for her death was not Ning Xuemo’s style. She had to save herself, but first she had to get out of this prison!

Her gaze landed on Tu Yidao, and she examined him.

Her gaze was too unfathomable, causing Tu Yidao’s heart to quiver!

Ning Xuemo searched his body before finding the knife that was used to peel off people’s faces. She examined it for while, before warmly chatting with Tu Yidao, “I saw that your technique for peeling off faces was rather exquisite, so I wanted to learn it. I guess I’ll practise on you. If I don’t peel it well, you will have to forgive me.”

Tu Yidao’s face immediately turned green. His eyes opened so wide that they almost popped out from their sockets

This was the debt he had owed Liu Yue. It did not take long before he would repay it! !

He had just peeled off Liu Yue’s face, and now his face was about to be peeled off by another!

He got enjoyment out of peeling other people’s faces, but having his own face peeled off was undoubtedly the most terrifying nightmare!

He looked helplessly at Ning Xuemo as she slowly made her way over, the keen edge of the blade emitting a terrifying cold light.


Two hours passed. Four hours passed by, and finally after six hours…

The four jailers that were playing cards outside were starting to feel really sleepy which affected their performance. However, they did not dare to fall asleep and would always rouse themselves from their drowsiness.

Naturally, they were worried for their boss, but because Ning Xuemo had said that the treatment would require absolute silence, they did not dare to disturb out of fear of influencing the treatment’s results.

The four people were tiredly playing when suddenly, a miserable wail rang out, causing their hands to jerk in surprise!

Those four’s eyes widened in surprise as they cast aside the playing table in between them and ran into the room.

The miserable wails came from a girl in a continuous string, each one more miserable than the last.

When those four people were about to barge into the room, the miserable wails were suddenly cut off…

Those four people looked at each other, and some people probingly asked, “Chief, how is it? Did you make your move already?” Although that miserable wailing did not sound like it came from a human, they could discern that it came from a girl’s.

There was no need to ask. Tu Yidao must have started torturing the girl for a confession.

“All of you, come in.” From inside the room, Tu Yidao’s voice drifted over.

Only now did the four people dare to enter.

The scene inside the room looked like that of a slaughterhouse. That girl was nailed to the wall in a star-shaped manner, her clothes torn and tattered, her skin cut beyond recognition. Further down, she had been mutilated to the point that no one could differentiate her gender anymore.

And… in her sensitive part, there was a burning red iron rod inserted into it…

Her face- well to be honest, it was not there anymore. It was just a bloody mess though you could just make out the five orifices: nose, mouth, eyes, ears…

She was convulsing nonstop, her blood constantly flowing down, forming a bloody puddle underneath her…

This scene was cruel, but those four jailers were already used to such sights, hence they merely casually glanced at that girl before turning toward Tu Yidao who sat in his wheelchair. Staring at his legs, they asked, “Chief, did that girl lie to you? Your legs?”

“I’ve already said it. Boss has already seen many famous physicians who couldn’t do a thing about it. How could this brat cure his illness?”

“Right, right, that girl was only trying to delay for time but was seen through by Boss and was punished harshly…”

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