SSMD – Chapter 65

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 65 – Pretending to be a Pig to Devour the Tiger (3)

Note : The emperor mentioned here is Chang Kong’s Emperor. The Emperor, the one who saved Xuemo before, had been changed to the Ancestor. It will be less confusing in future chapters. 

However, Ning Xuemo had been able to smash all the bones in his legs without even changing her expression. This allowed him to finally understand that the young lady in front of him was not an ordinary young miss, but a demon!

After she finished breaking the bones on his legs, she started attacking his spine. At that time, he finally could not take it anymore and begged for mercy with his eyes.

“Are you finally going to speak?” Ning Xuemo stopped hammering and warmly asked.

Tu Yidao’s eyes frantically moved up and down, an action representing him nodding his head.

Ning Xuemo’s face displayed some regret. “I had thought that sir’s bones would be tougher. What a disappointment. Then I’ll start asking, was it the Sixth Prince?”

She started to list the names of all those she suspected.

Sixth Prince, Crown Prince and the Princess were listed.

Upon mentioning the Princess’ name, Ji Yunyao, Tu Yidao’s eyes denied it at first, but after thinking for a bit, he confirmed her suspicion.

It really was Ji Yunyao? Well that girl was certainly vicious.

Wasn’t the girl who was tortured to death earlier also harmed by the Princess?

That Ji Yunyao certainly proved to be completely obsessed with her crown prince brother. Adding to her jealous nature, any girl who the crown prince was even slightly good to would attract her wrath. It was very likely that Ji Yunyao was behind this scheme to harm Ning Xuemo.

Ning Xuemo shook the hammer while she pondered in silence.

Upon turning her eyes towards Tu Yidao, she saw that his eyes held a hint of… shiftiness?

Ning Xuemo was an expert at reading people’s thoughts from their expressions. She immediately smiled and used the hammer to prop up Tu Yidao’s chin. “You’re so disobedient, actually lying to me!”

Tu Yidao’s eyes frantically rolled in an attempt to deny her statement.

Ning Xuemo’s pretty face tautened. “What I hate the most is people lying to me!” The hand holding the hammer fell. ‘Crack! Crack!’ She broke Tu Yidao’s jaw with the hammer…

Tu Yidao’s whole body felt so much pain he wanted to curl up but could not do so. His mouth stayed wide open like a toad and unintelligible indistinct noises came from his throat. If he could move, he would be rolling on the floor in excruciating pain!

His clothes were drenched through with cold sweat. He wished he could have fainted but was unable to, causing the pain to reach a new apex.

Ning Xuemo coldly looked at him. This beast had been inflicting pain on others all his life. Today, she would let him have a taste of all the suffering he had caused!

She possessed a character which would repay gratitude and grievances. If they showed her kindness, she would reciprocate it. If they incurred her hatred, then they should await her wrath. To her true friends she would be like an angel, but to her enemies, she would be a merciless demon…

Encountering her was the misfortune Tu Yidao sowed, his karma coming back to him!

Ning Xuemo’s torture methods were not worse than his; furthermore, she was a young lady who could move faster and more accurately than him. If the one being tortured was not him, he would have wanted to take her in as his disciple…

After an hour, Tu Yidao’s defenses had been broken down, and he was finally willing to speak the truth.

When Ning Xuemo said the emperor, he finally expressed confirmation.

Unexpectedly it was the emperor?!

Ning Xuemo had just randomly asked and did not expect to have hit on the truth!

What had he been eating? He unexpectedly is unable to tolerate her existence! Why?

Back then, Marquis Ning had expended a great amount of effort in order to protect the emperor’s throne and the stability of the country. He could even be considered to be the emperor’s right hand. Why would the emperor be so heavy-handed with the Marquis’ only daughter?

After all, Ning Xuemo was not really familiar with this society’s structure, and for a time she could not understand.

Since she could not understand, then she might as well not waste her energy by thinking about this matter.

Since it was the emperor who wanted to kill her, then her grievances would not be easily resolved…

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