SSMD – Chapter 64

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 64 – Pretending to be a Pig to Devour the Tiger (2)

It felt like he had entered a nightmare. He could understand and see but could not shout or do anything!

Tu Yidao’s triangular eyes showed fear. He watched as Ning Xuemo slowly stood up, smiling sweetly at him, but it became eerily sinister as it was reflected into his eyes. “Sir, how are you feeling?”

Tu Yidao broke out in cold sweat. He wanted to yell at her and at the same time call the jailers outside for help, but his voice failed him.

“Your medical skills are quite good, very good, very good.” Tu Yidao did not say anything, so he was shocked to hear his own voice answering her.

His eyes turned round as he watched Ning Xuemo fake a conversation between them.

He did not expect that she could actually mimic his voice to perfection!

Outside the torture chamber, the four jailers who had not been reassured about their superior’s condition listened in, but upon hearing the conversation inside, they relaxed.

Tu Yidao had instructed beforehand that without his order, they were not allowed to enter regardless of what they heard.

Because the four jailers felt quite bored waiting outside without doing anything, they went to find a table so they could gamble with cards and dominos.

“Sir, from the start, you never thought about letting me go right? Are you planning to go back on your word after I finish treating you? Am I right?” Ning Xuemo whispered softly next to his ear.

Tu Yidao perspired profusely, wanting to shake his head in denial, but even his head was paralysed.

“Don’t try and deny it. I’ve already seen through your attempt.” Ning Xuemo lightly smiled and unhurriedly picked up a small hammer from the table next to her, before swaying it in front of Tu Yidao. “Come now, tell me who is plotting against me and wants my life?”

Being unable to answer, Tu Yidao could only roll his eyes around in a panic.

“Oh right, I forgot that you can’t speak. How about this, I’ll say the names one by one, and if it happens to be the be culprit’s name, then you only need to roll your eyes up and down, and if it’s not, roll your eyes left and right?”

How could he dare to tell her?!

Tu Yidao gritted his teeth and shut his eyes.

“Aiya, you’re being really uncooperative. It seems like I have no other choice but to use more convincing methods. Although, I don’t really have the heart to…” When her final words fell, the hammer she held smashed down onto Tu Yidao’s left leg.

Her technique was special as it seemed like she randomly smashed onto a vital point of his bone and upon contact, immediately broke it with a crack!

The pain caused Tu Yidao’s body to tremble abruptly, making him break out in cold sweat. He opened his eyes and stared at Ning Xuemo who laughed, making him almost suspect that she was not a little girl but the devil incarnate.

Ning Xuemo also did not speak any more useless words and simply asked him again about the mastermind’s identity before her hammer smashed down once more on his body with every strike breaking a bone.

Tu Yidao had broken the bones of countless people in his life, but he would have never thought that the same thing would happen to him today!

The suffering caused by his bones breaking one by one shook him to the core, making his complexion alternate from white to green and green to white. Cold sweat soaked his whole body. Although he could not shout or struggle, his face became extremely distorted, causing him to look even more hideous…

Originally, he had thought that even if Ning Xuemo managed to capture him, she would not dare to torture him. After all, this kind of torture required someone with strong psychological endurance, which ordinary people would not have as they lack the heart to look, not to mention to actually torture someone.

Furthermore, doing so hands-on?

Even more so, a pretty little girl being the other party?

However, Ning Xuemo had been able to smash all the bones in his legs without even changing her expression.

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