SSMD – Chapter 62

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 62 – Self-Rescue (2)

This little girl just needs to insert several needles and it could let him stand up?

Ning Xuemo ignored him and just sat down on one of the torture instruments, while minding her own business. She closed her eyes to rest, using every single minute and every second to heal herself.

Very soon, an hour passed. Tu Yidao felt heat traversing through his stiff waist before diffusing to his legs. Wherever the heat passed, the stiff and numb feeling slowly faded.

In front of the eyes of the jailers, his legs suddenly moved!

“It moved! It moved! Sir, your legs moved!” People exclaimed.

Although Tu Yidao’s face was still gloomy, his hands could not help but tremble.

There was feeling in his legs! He could really feel a sensation from his legs!

He exerted all his strength to control his excitement. Slowly, he tried getting up from his wheelchair. Like a small child barely learning how to walk, he tottered a few steps forward…

Although his legs tingled and felt painful, his heart bloomed with happiness!

He could walk! After three years of being handicapped, he could finally taste the feeling of walking again!

All the jailers congratulated him. Tu Yidao took ten sluggish steps and sat back on his wheelchair, his face sinking. “Little girl, although I can walk a few steps, the pain is now worse than before! It’s not much use! Men, put her on the torture rack!”

When Ning Xuemo had inserted the needles, he had carefully paid attention to where they were inserted. In the future, he could do it himself; he would not need to rely on this little girl.

Furthermore, someone with extremely high status specially handed Ning Xuemo’s case to him. Even if you gave him eight times the courage, he would not dare to secretly let her go. She was not even supposed to live past tonight…

Though those jailers did not understand why Tu Yidao was doing this, they were used to following his lead without question. Immediately after hearing his order, they took large strides towards Ning Xuemo, intending to capture her.

“Sir, I’ve just said that this short treatment was just a sample for you to test my abilities. In order to completely cure you, I will need to execute various different treatments.” Ning Xuemo spoke.

Tu Yidao became stunned for a moment, and he raised his hand to stop the jailers who were about to take action. “What are the other treatment plans?”

Ning Xuemo merely smiled and ceased speaking.

Tu Yidao once again paused before declaring coldly, “I know that you have conditions. What are they? Don’t expect me to release you though. I don’t have the authority to make that decision.”

Ning Xuemo lightly sighed. “I also know that it’s not possible for you to release me. I only have one request and that is not to torture me tonight. Do you agree sir?”

Tu Yidao eyes lightly flashed as he deliberated. He did not directly answer Ning Xuemo’s question. Instead he asked her, “How long will this additional set of treatments take?”

“At least six hours.” Ning Xuemo answered.

Tu Yidao glanced at the hourglass. There were still eight hours left until daylight, which was when that person expected results…

And two hours were enough for him to get her to sign the confession!

He smiled as kind and as sincere as possible. “Fine, I promise you.”

Ning Xuemo’s eyes glinted, but she displayed the expression of someone who got what she wanted on her face. “Thank you, sir. Xuemo will definitely give you the best treatment to completely cure you, so that you will never be plagued by this condition again!”

Tu Yidao nodded his head and smiled amiably. “That’s good. I really like you little girl, so I’m letting you off for the night. Tomorrow morning someone might even come and rescue you.”

“I think so too… I must say thank you, sir, for giving me this opportunity.” The smile on Ning Xuemo looked like a blooming flower.

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