SSMD – Chapter 61

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 61 – Self-Rescue (1)

Tu Yidao shook the face that he had just peeled off in front of Ning Xuemo and offered it to her. “Little girl take a look at my artwork, does it meet the mark?”

Ning Xuemo subconsciously retreated two steps back, her gaze fixed onto that peeled face.

One had to say that Tu Yidao truly had good handicraft and adept knife techniques.

The peeled face was as thin as a cicada’s wings with uniform thickness throughout. There weren’t any tears or damages from the knife, making it completely intact.

“Are you scared, little girl? If you’re scared, then you should obediently sign the confession. To tell you the truth, I really like that delicate face of yours too. If I peel it off, it would also be very pretty.”

Tu Yidao’s ice-cold fingers nearly brushed against Ning Xuemo’s cheek. But then, he burst into evil and cruel laughter. “I’ll count to three. If you don’t confess by then, I’ll have to put you on the torture rack.”

All these jailers had long been influenced by Tu Yidao and had their personalities warped into something almost as perverted as Tu Yidao’s.

Now four pairs of eyes stared at her like wild beasts tracking their prey. They were prepared to immediately haul her off to the rack if she said even one word contrary to Tu Yidao’s wishes.

“Every night, your back aches painfully. The lumbosacral feels stiff as stone. The pain in your back and hip alternates intermittently, also radiating out to your thigh. Your back muscles experience spasms…” Ning Xuemo suddenly opened her mouth and spouted out a string of medical terms. (These are the symptoms of spondylitis according to Baidu)

The other jailers did not understand what Ning Xuemo was saying, but Tu Yidao’s body abruptly stiffened.

His triangular eyes shot out a blade-like gaze. “Little girl, what did you say?!”

Ning Xuemo’s eyes sparkled like pools of clear water. She slowly spoke, “Your legs are in a lot of pain, and there is a dull ache in your joints. They will slowly swell and deform… Three years later, they will lose all feeling and become as stiff as wood and stone…”

Tu Yidao’s eyes widened even more. His gaze towards Ning Xuemo seemed as if he was looking at a freak. “You… You…”

All those symptoms that Ning Xuemo had described were exactly what he was experiencing!

In the entire Chang Kong Country, no one had been able to even identify his illness, much less how to cure it. He could only allow it to develop.

This condition had tormented him for the past six years, but unexpectedly today, his illness was revealed from a little girl’s mouth!

His heart, which had originally lost hope, leaped. “You know about this illness?”

Ning Xuemo slightly smiled and nodded. “I don’t just know it; I can also cure it.”

Tu Yidao, who was always calm as a stone, felt his hands tremble. “How do you cure it?”

“Let me go, and I’ll give you the treatment to cure it.” Ning Xuemo spoke frankly.

Tu Yidao’s triangular eyes flashed darkly. “Little girl, you’re really full of hot air. I have consulted many renowned physicians for my illness, but none of them knew the cure. And you’re saying that you have the cure? I don’t believe it!”

“This humble girl can give you the treatment right here, right now. If there are no improvements, then I’ll accept whatever punishment you give me!!”

Tu Yidao became lost in thought. Finally, he could not help agreeing and nodded due to the temptation. “Fine! I will give you a chance.”

Ning Xuemo looked at the shackles on her wrists. “Then, can you order someone to prepare twenty silver needles and a few other things?”

She listed a whole string of items before stating her final requirement. “Conducting the treatment requires delicacy; however, I have shackles on my wrists which would affect my ability to treat you…”

All those things she wanted were available in the Minister of Justice’s Prison, so Tu Yidao quickly sent people to fetch them.

The shackles on Ning Xuemo’s wrists were unlocked as well.

Her ankles were still shackled, and adding to her non-existent talent in psychokinesis, it made Tu Yidao confident that she will not attempt to do anything suspicious.

Ning Xuemo lightly smiled, and under the gazes of numerous jailers, she started to treat Tu Yidao with acupuncture.

Her movements were deft and swift. She previously learned her needle technique, a lost secret acupuncture art, in the modern world. This technique would show its effects shortly after its application…

After finishing the treatment, she stood up. “Within an hour, you will be able to feel the effect of the treatment. The effect will allow you to stand up.”

Tu Yidao showed an expression of disbelief. These few years, he drank all kinds of medicine and underwent so many acupuncture treatments, but they, like mud sinking into the sea, were ineffective and useless.

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