SSMD – Chapter 60

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 60 – The Eighteen Levels of Hell (2)

Tu Yidao’s snake-like gaze was engrossed watching Ning Xuemo’s reaction. Seeing that her expression finally changed, he felt an abnormal amount of glee and chuckled. “Little girl, you might not recognize her, but she’s famous in our Chang Kong Country. Since she was young, she possessed a heavenly talent in psychokinesis. Even the second most powerful sect, the Heavenly Star Sect, took notice of her. She entered the sect and became one of the three law enforcement disciples and also became the pride of our Chang Kong Country. Unfortunately, she must have learned from the wrong people, because she actually went to the Imperial Palace to steal the princess’ things and was caught red-handed by our princess and got sent here. She is very hard-headed and doesn’t want to confess. That’s why she’s suffering so much… Tsk! Tsk! Why did she even bother?” Tu Yidao shook his head and sighed.

“I- I didn’t steal… It was Ji Yunyao who framed me…” Even though that girl was in so much pain, she was still conscious and tried to defend herself.

Tsk! Tsk! It looks like you haven’t suffered enough and need me to personally step in…” Tu Yidao smiled coldly and slowly moved his wheelchair closer to the young woman.

“You freak, just kill me!” That girl cried out.

“Pretty girl, you haven’t confessed yet. How could I bear to kill you? Allow me to properly… attended to you…” Tu Yidao brought out a knife with a blade as thin as a cicada’s wing, and as his long icy fingers gripped her delicate face, he lightly sighed. “What a pretty and delicate face. If I peeled it off and made a human mask out of it, oh how wonderful would that be… Rest assured. I won’t rip or tear your face up. I’ll peel it off completely…”

That girl’s body shuddered as she heard those words, but she could only grit her teeth. Indeed, her character was quite strong. Apart from her two arms, nearly all the bones in her body had been broken. If she had not been nailed onto the wall, she would not have been able to stand at all.

Her cultivation had already been wasted. Even if she carried on living, she would be a useless person…

What Tu Yidao wanted was not the truth. He only wanted the desired outcome. Hence, telling him that you had been wronged was of no use.

Ning Xuemo’s palms oozed cold sweat. Could it be that she would experience something similar tonight?

Ning Xuemo’s eyes widened as she looked at Tu Yidao gripping the handle of the knife and peeling off that girl’s face little by little.

The woman’s miserable shrieks nearly pierced one’s eardrums. Although Ning Xuemo was courageous, upon seeing this, cold sweat soaked her body.

That girl had fainted a few times, and each time she was woken up by a splash of a bucket of cold water. She was unable to live, yet unable to die. When she woke up with yet another bucket of ice-cold water, she finally broke down. “I’ll confess… I’ll confess… Just- Just kill me please…”

Tu Yidao smiled filled with pride and compassion. “Pitiful child, if you had done so earlier, would you have suffered so much?” He had already prepared a written confession long ago. Now all he needed was for that woman to sign it.

Ning Xuemo finally understood why this sick freak had not broken her arms. It was because he wanted her to be able to sign the confession!

The nails keeping her to the wall were taken out, and that girl slumped into the muddy ground as fresh blood started pooling under her body. Tu Yidao waited until she signed it before he admired the confession for a bit with obvious satisfaction before folding it up in his pocket. He suddenly flicked his wrist and a knife embedded itself into the girl’s heart. She shuddered as she breathed her last breath before finally ceasing to move.

“Take her, and toss her to the dogs!” Tu Yidao turned his wheelchair around and left disgustedly.

That girl’s body, which no longer resembled that of a human, was dragged out. Now, the only ones in the room were Ning Xuemo, Tu Yidao, and a few jailers.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thank you—!
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    • mimidono says:

      more like can’t go again the princess in her case.
      I wonder who framed our mc…


      • laexdream says:

        The princess of course. Underneath that “pretty” face is a heartless interior that is the ugliest thing possible. The fact that Ning Xuemo is here is most definitely the princess’ fault. She probably heard about the crown prince rescuing our main character and became jealous. God I hate characters like her.

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        • teamglister says:

          From the comment earlier about the Emperor keeping the Crown Prince by his side and talking to him it sounds like he’s in on it too.


          • ashachan7 says:

            Think it is also the emperor, maybe he is protecting the culprit and framing the nd, because he needs someone to frame and also the crown Prince is close to her. He doesn’t want his progidy son to take her as a consort? And I think the culprit is the ex of mc, maybe he is tired of that death woman or it’s not even his child ( green hat ? )


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