SSMD – Chapter 6

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 6 – The young girl’s brilliance

Ji Yunhao didn’t think that the ‘always awkward’ Ning Xuemo could be this eloquent. The sentences said were accusations, but none could be used against her.

‘It’s like she has been swap with someone else!’

‘Or is it her hidden inherent talent?’

‘Does that mean her talent was unleashed from the pressure of the dire situation?’

It didn’t matter what the cause for her changes was. In the end, since the situation developed to this point, he cannot let her survive again!

His handsome face sunk as he spoke, “Ning Xuemo… Contrary to what one might expect, you are very capable of stirring up public sentiment with false statements! Also, stop acting so pitiful to gain people’s sympathy. Your plan to manipulate other people’s feelings is very good, but you can keep on dreaming. It’s an unshakeable truth that people caught you red hand together with that Sanlang on the bed! You already lost your chastity and sullied the imperial household’s dignity. If you really know what shame means, you should accept your death. In that way, you can keep your moral integrity in death and will not lose any of the decorum expected from an unmarried daughter of a noble house. In addition, you will not drift and live without purpose…”

The harsh conditions of women in Chang Kong Country was more or less the same when compared to ancient times in China. No matter what the reason was, for a woman to lose her chastity before marriage, it was considered the most evil sin that could only be atone with death…

Ning Xuemo inwardly rolled her eyes. ‘Everything that is evil is this old society!’

‘Damn your sister’s moral integrity! On what basis, you, a slag of a man, deserved the faithfulness of I, your father?! Dream on!’

She slowly raised her head, “Prince, what if I haven’t lost my chastity?”

In her previous life, she was a special agent. Not only her talent was good, she’s a genius when it came to her poison techniques and medical expertise.

The first thing she checked after she woke up was her lower body. So, she knew she wasn’t sullied by that whatever Li Sang Lang. She was still a virgin!

Ji Yunhao laughed, “People already caught you on the bed with a man. How can it possible you haven’t lost your chastity?! What kind of unrealistic dreams are you having?!”

In reality, Ning Xuemo was also puzzled. According to what the former owner of the body’s memories, that dirty Li Sanglang was some kind of famous casanova. Every day, he went to the red-light district’s Willow Alley. At that time, the previous body’s owner was already unconscious. With a beauty in his arms, it was impossible that Li Sang Lang would hold in his evil desires…

Something was fishy about that matter, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Anyway, right now, she was still a virgin and this was the unshakeable iron truth!

This body was very weak, it made her unable to deploy her full power. She was intensely proud of her poison techniques, but was unable to use it.

Otherwise, she would release a poisonous powder, spread the poison on the wide area around her, and let the people of this world have a taste of the consequences of provoking her, the Thousand Faces Poison Doctor.

At present? She wanted power, but had none. She wanted to poison, but was incapable of doing it. She had no other choice, but to play the role of a rich miss and deal with that cursed slag of a prince. She had to find a way to preserve her life before she could think of anything else!

“Although it may seems impossible, Xuemo really didn’t lose her chastity. I’m willing to receive any kind of examinations!” This world should have an elderly lady who could examine a woman and determined whether she was still a virgin or not like in ancient times.

Ji Yunhao’s mouth perked up into a cold sneer. “Sure, but you are the one who asked for it! Then, you will receive the trial of the Chastity Testing Beast!” He turned to the Imperial guards and made a few hand gestures. The Imperial guards accepted the order with a nod and left.

‘Chastity Testing Beast? What the heck is that?’

Ning Xuemo searched through the former owner’s memories. The former owner often stayed at home mainly because she was a simple and pure young girl. She shouldn’t know much about that Chastity Testing Beast.

The crowd of bystanders erupted and whispered to one another with excitement as if they were about to watch a great show. They also casted some look of pity at Ning Xuemo…

There was even an old auntie who bluntly opened her mouth to advise Ning Xuemo, “Young lady, you should know what happen if you don’t pass the trial. It’s better if you obediently plead guilty and asked for leniency. Before the Chastity Testing Beast arrived, just accepted your old sin. If you persist, not only you won’t be able escape from death, but you will also experience many suffering…”

“That’s right! That’s right! In this world, there still had no one who could pass through the Chastity Testing Beast’s trial. All of them died very miserably. Young Lady, don’t bring it on yourself out of unhappiness.” Again, another person tried to persuade her.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thank you—!
    ‘Everything that is evil is this old society!’
    the truth! the utter truth! say it once more, and much louder, this time!

    the poor girl was wrongly accused, huh! how dare they—! well, it is indeed odd about that casanova! i think he was set up too, why would he not touch the original otherwise? or well, or there is also the very small possibility that he actually liked the original?ahahaha!

    what the heck is a chastity testing beast! regardless, if it is really one, then xue wu has nothing to fear!

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    • unless it’s a test like:

      tie the witch to a log and toss her in the lake!

      if she floats, she’s a witch and we should burn her!!!

      if she sinks and drowns… well I guess she wasn’t a witch!!! Our bad…

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      • midoriha says:

        lol! ah, i’ve heard of those illogical tests!
        well, i think that since it’s a ‘beast’, it should be an animal of sorts, and a trustworthy one, i hope!

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    Ewe hope she doesn’t get raped by a tool, but I, guessing it’s some kind of magic tool instead 🤔 Cuz everyone in this world has magic powers cept her


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