SSMD – Chapter 59

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 59 – The Eighteen Levels of Hell[1] (1)

Tonight, since no one would be able to rescue her, she should just rescue herself!

But how was she supposed to escape her doom in this heavily-guarded high-security prison?

Tu Yidao’s snake-like gaze landed on Ning Xuemo, and a hint of surprise flashed past his triangular eyes.

Many men with indomitable spirits and bones of iron had pissed their pants after seeing the states of the people in the cells. Even if it were those who managed to resist being scared to the point of being unable to control their bodily functions, they would still turn pale and break out in cold sweat.

As for Ning Xuemo, she merely pursed her lips a little and lowered her head. There was no emotion discernible on her small face.

With an ugly appearance, dwarf-like stature, a grating voice, and two lame legs, Tu Yidao was often suppressed by others.

But with his character, he was not content with being suppressed. His vastly different lifestyle had caused his character to become sinister and more perverted than other people.

Though his appearance could not compare to the large majority of people, he was immensely skillful with his hands and possessed extremely abnormal methods for interrogation with torture. That, added to his ability of understanding which way the wind is blowing and flattering people, he got swiftly promoted from a small, insignificant jailer, to the head of the prison.

His road to promotion was paved with the bones of countless souls…

His character was cold and his methods were extremely cruel. Regardless of whether the prisoners were innocent or not, all those who ended up in his hands would confess.

He had many tricks up his sleeve; each interrogation method was crueler than the others forcing people to confess anything.

In the Ministry of Justice’s Prison, he was called… King of Hell Tu.

So many years in this blood-soaked career caused his character to become more and more twisted. He had a strange hobby. He loved listening to the tried convicts’ blood-curling screams as they were tortured and looking at their embarrassed faces when they felt scared to the point of pissing in their pants.

To him, the sound of the prisoners’ miserable shrieks was the most wonderful music to his ears; to his ears the more miserable and wretched, the more soothing it sounded to him.

Furthermore, the ones he liked to torment the most were those young and pretty women. Seeing them break down into sobs beneath his torture methods allowed him to feel a sick sense of accomplishment.

And Ning Xuemo was currently in the claws of such a perverted monster. Would she be able to survive?

KYAAAAAH!!” A miserable shriek resounded from the room at the end of the hallway.

The voice was a woman’s but it was as piercing as a devil’s cry.

Ning Xuemo’s body shook, and she lifted her head to look. What she saw caused her pupils to contract!

That room was a torture chamber. She finally got to see an actual torture scene; furthermore, it caused Ning Xuemo, who was used to seeing shocking scenes, to feel cold.

Inside was a variety of torture instruments, and the floor was covered in puddles of blood. The air was saturated with a bloody and foul stench, causing those who smelled it to feel like throwing up.

A living and faintly breathing person was nailed to the central wall of the room.

This should be a young lady. Her body looked mangled and completely covered in blood. Her mind was already broken while she was being cut up alive. A red-hot iron bar was inserted in her most sensitive area, causing white clouds of steam to rise with a sizzling sound. The smell of burnt flesh pervaded the air…

The reason why Ning Xuemo could still tell that she was a young girl despite her body’s wretched state was because her face and her slender jade-like fingers had been left completely intact…

That girl was very pretty. Her face did not have the slightest flaw.

Her face was intact, but her body, on the other hand, seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. There was blood everywhere and in many places. The jagged edges of broken bones could be seen poking out. This appearance would give those who saw it a huge shock because of the contrast between her perfect face and her mangled body. Ning Xuemo’s whole body went cold…

Tu Yidao’s snake-like gaze was engrossed watching Ning Xuemo’s reaction. Seeing that her expression finally changed, he felt an abnormal amount of glee and chuckled. “Little girl, you might not recognize her, but she’s famous in our Chang Kong Country.”

[1] In numerous religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hell is considered to be a purgatory where departed souls go to without exception. Karma is an important factor that determined how long a soul stays in Hell or Naraka for the expiation of their sins. When the souls have pay for all their past sins, in other words, when their karmic debts are paid off, they will be able to leave Hell to return to the living world through reincarnation.

The concept of the Eighteen Levels of Hell steemed from Naraka, but it’s not exactly the same Naraka talked in Hinduism or Buddhism. The Eighteen Levels of Hell is specific to how Chinese view Naraka or Diyu. The concept of the Diyu is strongly influenced by beliefs coming from Taoism, Buddhism and Chinese folk beliefs.

The Eighteen Levels of Hell is composed of mazes and chambers where punishments at met. There are the Chamber of Tongue Ripping, Chamber of Scissors, Chamber of Iron Cycads, Chamber of Mirror, Chamber of Steamer, Forest of Copper Columns, Mountain of Knifes, Hill of Ice, Cauldron of Boiling Oil, Chamber of Ox, Chamber of Rock, Chamber of Pounding, Pool of Blood, Town of Suicide, Chamber of Dismemberment, Mountain of Flames, Yard of Stone Mill and Chamber of Saw. For more descriptions, click here.

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