SSMD – Chapter 58

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 58 – Forbidden Love (4)

“Where are you taking me?” Ning Xuemo refused to budge.

Tu Yidao smiled, exposing his white teeth. “Of course to where you should be. You killed the daughter of Grand Marshal Hu. Don’t tell me you had expected to stay in a luxurious room?”

“I didn’t kill her. Her death had nothing to do with me!”

“Little miss, you won’t be saying the same thing very soon. Take her to the torture chamber!” Tu Yidao’s expression sank as he forcefully ordered with a stern voice.

Ning Xuemo was brought down with a slightly heavy heart.

These people didn’t even want to lock her up and investigate first before using torture?! They were clearly planning to put her through hell in order to get her to sign a confession for a deed she didn’t commit!

Just who plotted this wicked scheme to harm her?

Currently, she was still wounded. Her fighting ability had not recovered yet. Her movements were still stiff, and her wrists and ankles were still shackled. She was surrounded by sixteen strong large jailers. Seeing their eyes emitting a mirror-like radiance, Ning Xuemo knew that their cultivations were not low. To use her current ability to break out was only a pipe dream.

She steeled her heart and followed them deeper into the prison.

As she walked on the pathway paved with limestones, she saw numerous potholes, causing the floor to be uneven. Under the lamplight, these potholes were actually filled with glistening puddles of crimson blood.

The further they went, the thicker the stench of blood became and the harder it was to breathe. On either side of the passage, there were rows of cells occupied by prisoners. Those people were scrambling around randomly, holding onto the iron bars of their cells or just lying down on the filthy stone floor… Although their attitudes differed from one another, there was one common point: they all received the cruelest punishments and tortures. Every one of them were all skin and bones with dishevelled hair and tattered clothing. They looked more like withered corpses than human beings, presenting a gruesome sight. Their bodies trembled and their throats emitted indistinct unintelligible growling sounds. The sounds were rather faint, but the sheer number of them making the same noise caused amplification to occur, making it sound like the wailings of the dead. Anyone who heard these noises would have formed goosebumps.

“Little girl, have you seen enough? These are the people who stubbornly refuse to confess and now they are in this miserable state.” Tu Yidao’s voice was hoarse, reminding one of a hissing poisonous snake. It sounded particularly sinister as he spoke while being surrounded by such a sight in this eerie corridor.

Ning Xuemo lowered her eyes and did not say anything.

In her previous life, she had seen the cruelty of the world. During her training as a secret service agent, she had been unlucky and got captured by the enemies. She was then subjected to many tortures methods. Be it drinking chili water, sitting on the torture-rack or the electrical chair, she had experienced all of them before.

She had also caught enemy agents in the past and had inflicted the aforementioned torture methods on them. However, they were living in a modern society after all, under the constant influences from the media and public opinion. Those torture methods did not include ones used in ancient times.

However, from what she saw, it was enough to convince her that this place was definitely like the Eighteen Levels of Hell. Even the Qing’s top ten tortures could not compare to this cruelty…

These people are mutilated to the point they do not seem human anymore.

Such torture would ensure that she would lose a layer of skin and flesh!

She retreated back a step. Even if she remained stubborn and proud, if her appearance became that of a monster like those prisoners, would there be any meaning to keep on living?

What to do? Just what should she do?

Wait for rescue? She knew far too few people in this world. Right now, the only one who really treated her well was the crown prince, but he had disappeared somewhere. He might not be able to rush over here tonight. Even if he could, he might not be able to help her get out of this situation.

Furthermore, this was obviously a plot against her, a plot that was meant to completely destroy her. The perpetrators had most likely sealed off all the possibilities of someone saving her.

Otherwise, Ji Yunhuang would have already arrived earlier…

She did not believe that the crown prince would not have heard about the news. He must have been held up by something or someone.

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