SSMD – Chapter 56

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 56 – Forbidden Love (2)

Ning Xuemo lifted her eyes. “Princess has misunderstood me. My relationship with the crown prince is not what you think. We are just normal friends. The reason why he allowed me to stay here is to help me heal and because he values my medical skills. While I’m healing, I cannot move around randomly hence he left me here. Furthermore, to avoid any nasty rumours, the crown prince has also left the residence. By accusing me of having a vixen’s charm and using underhanded means not only insults me but also insults your crown prince brother. Is he really that type of shallow person?”

A woman blinded by jealousy is impervious to reason. Ning Xuemo was currently in the Princess’ hands and could not rebel at all. She did not want to be the target of the Princess’ ire and get burned to death by her jealousy!

The first thing to do would be to clarify her relationship with Ji Yunhuang. If she could get rid of the hostility this princess felt towards her, it would save her a lot of headaches in the future.

Indeed, when her words were spoken, it had lessened the hostility in Ji Yunyao’s eyes. However, Ji Yunyao still had some suspicions. “Medical skills? What kind of medical skills can  trash like you possess?”

Ning Xuemo kept smiling as she explained, “This one does not dare to lie in front of Princess. Recently, I have reattached the arm of a woman which had been torn off… If Princess does not believe me, you can personally go to the Supreme Court to ask about it. That woman is still recuperating in there.”

The suspicion in Ji Yunyao’s eyes deepened. “You’re lying. If you had done something like that, why have I never heard of this matter before?”

Ning Xuemo suddenly understood.

The truly skilled physicians on this continent were too few in number, hence every single one was fiercely fought for by the large factions. In order to hide the fact that she reattached her Second Aunt’s arm, Ji Yunhuang had made preparations so that the news would not be leaked.

No wonder she had not heard of anyone gossiping about this matter the last few days when she strolled around the streets. From the start, the information about her medical prowess was suppressed!

“If Princess doesn’t believe me, you can go and ask the crown prince. Then, you’ll know that Xuemo didn’t lie.”

Ji Yunyao’s phoenix eyes twitched. Though she still did not really believe it, the hostility in her eyes had faded away considerably. “For this matter, I will definitely ask around to clarify it. However, you are still the prime suspect of Miss Hu’s murder case. You still need to go to the Ministry of Justice to explain yourself.”

She lifted her hand to open Ning Xuemo’s acupoints. “Get up and come outside with me.”

Ning Xuemo moved around a bit to lessen the soreness in her limbs. Her wounds still painfully burned, and because of that, her body was far from being nimble like usual.

Furthermore, the princess was clearly an expert in psychokinesis, and trying to escape under her watchful eyes was wishful thinking. On the contrary, doing so might cause her to experience more suffering.

Therefore, Ning Xuemo absolutely would not commit such folly. She only thought of delaying a bit…

With all her strength, she would delay arriving at the Ministry of Justice to provide time for the crown prince to return.

If she had known earlier that this would happen, she would not have been against the crown prince sharing the same room with her!

She slowly got up, slowly put on her shoes and slowly straightened out her clothes…

Ji Yunyao became impatient. “Why are your movements so slow? Hurry up!”

In her heart, Ning Xuemo somewhat questioned Ji Yunyao’s ancestry; but, on the outside, she showed a lovable face. “Yes, Princess. This lowly one received a few wounds and they cause me quite a bit of pain, hence my movements are slowed. Please forgive me.”

Ji Yunyao knew about the matter of Ning Xuemo being lashed and also knew of the the Soul Breaking Whip’s might. Therefore, although she gave a snort, she no longer hurried Ning Xuemo.

Ning Xuemo had already delayed time as much as possible. She had managed to use up a quarter of an hour by tidying herself. In this period of time, she kept an eye out outside through the window. She cursed despairingly in her heart, ‘Where did Ji Yunhuang, this bastard, run off to? Why wasn’t he back yet?’

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