SSMD – Chapter 54

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 54 – Gossiping About The Ancestor (2)

Ji Yunhuang’s facial expression did not change as he lightly replied, “Who is Old Sixth’s fiancée? They already annulled their engagement!”

Pa! The chess piece that Ji Yunxiao had been holding onto landed on the chessboard. “It couldn’t be, right? Are you actually attracted to that little girl who is  a piece of trash that Old Sixth wants to avoid at all cost?”

“Trash? Perhaps she simply does not have the innate talent to cultivate psychokinesis.” Ji Yunhuang said as he placed down a chess piece.

Tsk! Tsk!, seeing you speaking up for her like this, it seems as if that heart of stone of yours is finally experiencing ripples. However, Third Brother, let this little brother offer you a sincere piece of advice. That girl was once betrothed to Old Sixth. Even if they already broke off their engagement, if you pursue her, it will be easy to get her. But, there might be some nasty rumours that are going to spread.”

 “Besides, there are so many beauties under the heavens, and many of them are ready to throw themselves at you if you will it, so why do you want to get entangled with that girl? Even if you simply took her as a concubine and not a wife, our Imperial Father would likely disagree as he has to consider the reputation of the Imperial Family…”

A ‘pa!’ resounded as Ji Yunhuang’s chess piece slammed down, nearly cracking the chessboard. “Old Fifth, when did I say I was going to marry her or take her as a concubine? You’re thinking too much! Come, come, it’s hard for us brothers to meet up. If I don’t accompany you to play chess tonight, then I’m not fit to be called your Third Brother.” The placement of the chess pieces sped up.

The corner of Ji Yunxiao’s mouth twitched. ‘Just who is accompanying whom?’

He has never stayed awake until this late in the night. ‘I’m trapped!’


Ning Xuemo was jolted awake due to a loud racket outside.

She opened her eyes wide and noticed that outside the window, there was a faint hint of firelight. Sounds of disorderly and panicked footsteps were transmitted to her ears.

“Lord Lu, no one is allowed to enter the Crown Prince’s sleeping quarters. Now that the Crown Prince is not here at the moment, without his permission, your people aren’t allowed to enter.” The words Ning Xuemo heard came from the Crown Prince’s butler.

“I am handling a case on imperial orders. Since the criminal is hiding in the Crown Prince’s sleeping quarters, how do I arrest this criminal if I don’t enter?” Lord Lu’s voice sounded imposing as he said those lines.

“I am unable to comply. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to trespass into the Crown Prince’s sleeping quarters without his permission. If His Highness, the Crown Prince, decides to blame someone, neither you nor I will be able to escape punishment. Lord Lu, why don’t we discuss this when the Crown Prince returns?” That butler did not give way in the slightest.

‘There’s a criminal in the Crown Prince’s bedchamber?’

‘Is the person that Lord Lu’s trying to arrest, her?’


Did she infringe any laws?

But she also knew that once she get tangled with the Imperial Family, who knew how many countless machinations and schemes would be planned in the dark implicating her. They came to arrest her with great fanfare. She would certainly handle them without question!  

She was only a helpless little girl with no one to rely on. If some bigshot wanted to kill her, all he would have to do is place the blame for some issue on her!

 She could not just sit there and wait for death! If she was caught by them and tossed into a prison,  her little life would be more or less over!

Ning Xuemo intended to leap up from the bed, but the moment she moved slightly, her body grew numb. Her limbs did not feel like they belonged to her, and they did not move even a little bit.

‘Damn it!’ Ji Yunhuang had closed her acupoints in order to allow her to recover faster. Even now, they still had not re-opened. She simply couldn’t move at all!

She pricked her ears to listen for a moment. Outside, Lord Lu and the butler were still arguing, but he had not insisted on sending his men to force his way in. It seems as if this Lord Lu still held some reluctance towards offending the Crown Prince.

She lightly let out a sigh of relief. If it went on like this, the matter would only be resolved if the Crown Prince came over. In that case, she would be safe!

But where did Ji Yunhuang go? If he was here, even if that Lord Lu had the Imperial Decree, he would not allow people to take her away easily…

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