SSMD – Chapter 51

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 51 – Are You Inviting Me to Sleep With You?

He turned around to look at Ning Xuemo, and seeing her crystal clear eyes shining with spirit under the candlelight, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something. “Xuemo, do you want to test your compatibility to practice psychokinesis once again? Perhaps after this drastic change you experienced, Heaven not only gave you ability but maybe also changed your crippled physique?”

Ning Xuemo’s eyes shone, “Okay!”

She had felt dissatisfied with this crippled physique since long ago!

What if the test results had been inaccurate when she was younger ?

“That’s fine. I will bring you to test your compatibility tomorrow. For now, just rest here.”

Ning Xuemo lifted her head to look out the window and saw that the sky was red, indicating that evening had arrived.

Being somewhat impatient, she threw off the quilt before sitting up. “It’s better if we go now!”

Ji Yunhuang sighed, “You’re being a bit too anxious. You haven’t fully recovered from your injuries yet, so your body is still weak. Even if you go test it now, it won’t be accurate. It’s better to restore your strength by resting for the night before going.”

Ning Xuemo swept her gaze over the bedchamber and noticed that in such a spacious room, there stood only one bed. She probed him with a question, “Your Highness, where are you going to sleep tonight?”

Ji Yunhuang looked at her with a smile that was not really a smile. “Are you inviting me to sleep with you?”

‘Inviting your big head!’

“Your Highness really knows how to joke. What a pity that this joke is not that funny. You must have another bedchamber somewhere else filled with beauties who look like spring flowers and  the autumn moon. They would love to invite you to share a bed with them. I’ll have to trouble Your Highness to shut the door on the way out.” Ning Xuemo laid on her side and shut her eyes. Today she had truly expended too much energy and was rather tired.

“I don’t have any beauties or another bedchamber.” Ji Yunhuang slowly spoke.

Ning Xuemo’s eyes shot open in surprise. This crown prince looked to be around 21 or 22 years old, and according to the customs of this place, even if he did not have a main wife, he should still have several secondary wives by his side, or at the very least a few roomfuls of concubines… How could he still be single? Could he be homosexual?!

She could not resist sizing him up from head to toe. His appearance looked handsome and gentle. However, his temperament was unfeeling, and his aura seemed quite imposing. Could it be that he was what they called outwardly kind but inwardly evil?

In this era, what kind of attitude does society show to those who indulge themselves in that kind of love?

Did they regard them as scourges? Or did they adopt an attitude of ‘just let it be’?

She tried to search from this body’s memories but could not find any information on this topic.

Ji Yunhuang was irritated by the way she was looking at him, “Little brat, why are you looking at me like that?”

Ning Xuemo probed him with another question, “What views does Your Highness have on catamites?”

‘Catamites? What are those?’ Ji Yunhuang expressed his confusion.

Ning Xuemo explained, “Catamites are- Courtiers’ children raised to be pretty and delicate as ‘companions’…” Seeing that Ji Yunhuang was still looking a bit lost and not understanding what she was saying, she simply elaborated, “And those ‘companions’ are males that are meant to warm the beds of their masters!”

Ji Yunhuang’s expression displayed disgust. “Males can be used to warm beds too?! Why is there such nonsense in that little head of yours? Could it be that you were struck silly by the Soul Breaking Whip?” He reached out his hand to feel her forehead, “You don’t have a fever…”

Ning Xuemo stayed silent. It was no wonder that her memories did not have anything regarding homosexuality. Apparently, this continent did not have any concept of it. It seems like the Crown Prince had no interest in men…

Wow, in addition, it seems like he was someone who practiced abstinence! In this chaotic and wild era, men who practiced abstinence were even rarer than pandas!

Ning Xuemo’s gaze towards him was filled with admiration, and she lauded him, “It seems that I have misunderstood Your Highness. Please forgive me.”

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