SSMD – Chapter 49

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 49 – You Will Be My Only Exception

Naturally, that butler also exchanged a few pleasantries before finally sending Ji Yunhao off.

That maid was still rolling around on the ground in pain, and she had screamed so much her voice became hoarse.

“Guards, throw her out!” The butler ordered the maid to be dragged out like a dead dog.

Although that maid was still alive, without the antidote to cure the whip’s poison, she would be destined to suffer a miserable life of pain until death could seize her…

With an example having been made, the maids in the crown prince’s residence became more cautious and conscientious. No one dared to speak more freely than they were allowed to.


Ning Xuemo was injured on her back, arm, and shoulder.

The injuries on her arm and shoulder were easy to deal with. She could apply the medication on those by herself. However, the injuries on her back would require someone else’s aid. Furthermore, she would have to take off her top…

Ning Xuemo took the pill bottle from Ji Yunhuang, looking at his indifferent face while he was sitting by the side of the bed. “Is Your Highness not going to go outside or turn around?”

Ji Yunhuang’s eyes smiled. “There’s no need. I always see matters through to the end.”

‘Was he doing it on purpose?!’

Ning Xuemo secretly clenched her teeth. “I need to apply the medicine.”

“Okay, apply it.”

Ning Xuemo said, “…Then, may I ask your Highness to call a maid to help me apply the medicine on the wound on my back.”

“I have never allowed any woman to enter my sleeping quarters. At most only the shadow guard can enter. You want him to apply the medicine for you?” Ji Yunhuang raised his brow.

“…Your Highness, there is an exception to everything. I’m female too. Doesn’t this count as letting a woman in? Since Your Highness has already made an exception once, couldn’t you do so a second time?”

Ji Yunhuang glanced at her. “If there’s a first, there’s a second. If there’s a second, there’s a third. Hence, I have decided that in order to avoid the third exception, I will not make a second exception. You will be my only exception.”

‘Only one your head!’

Ning Xuemo really did not understand why this crown prince was so insistent on applying the medicine for her.

Did he get taken over by his perverted nature and now wants to eat her up?

But this small body had not even developed any breasts yet, neither was her bottom well endowed. Was there even anything worth to look at?

Furthermore in his residence, beauties were as common as clouds. He only needed to crook his finger and countless beauties would be fighting to warm his bed. Why would he need to deliberately do this to see the undeveloped body of a loli?

Could it be that the Crown Prince was a lolicon?!

Ning Xuemo’s gaze towards Ji Yunhuang turned suspicious.

Ji Yunhuang raised his hand to knock her head again. “Why are you looking at me like that? If I had any wicked intentions towards you, do I even need to use the excuse of helping you heal your wounds to take advantage of you?”

‘It does make sense!’

Ning Xuemo blurted out, “Then why do you have to personally help me with my injuries?”

Ji Yunhuang replied, “For one thing, I don’t want to break my own rule. For another thing, I don’t want to see you have glaring scars at your young age. The scars that the Soul Breaking Whip leave behind cannot be erased just by using the antidote. To prevent scars from forming, it needs to be paired with my unique healing technique.”

‘So it was like that!’

Naturally, Ning Xuemo also did not want to leave behind any scars. Though she had her own methods to remove the scars, it was still better to take a look at the unique healing methods of this era!

Her personality had always been straightforward. Thus, she immediately took off her top before lying down. Of course, she covered up her front with her clothes while only exposing her bare back and injured shoulder. “Your Highness, please begin!”

Ji Yunhuang was speechless. ‘She is way too straightforward!’

This girl was not shy at all! It was as if she and the person in the rumours were two completely different people.

After all, she was just a 13-year old girl adding on that she had been malnourished. Her body was not developed at all. On her thin and weak-looking pale back, there was an abnormally ugly bloody red lash mark that looked like a giant centipede.

As Ning Xuemo was lying down and facing away from him, she did not catch the sharp eagle-like gaze Ji Yunhao had when his sight stopped on her shoulder.

On her shoulder there was a pink birthmark shaped like a pagoda with clouds. It looked quite strange.

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