SSMD – Chapter 47

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 47 – Jealousy (2)

“Sixth Prince won’t have to wait long; someone has already gone to report to him.” Each and every one of the maids in the crown prince’s residence knew how to be prudent. She clearly did not give a straight answer.

Ji Yunhao gave a slight smile, and while he was reaching for his cup of tea, his hand brushed against the maid’s hand. Suddenly, his wrist turned over, and he grabbed her hand, placing a smooth round pearl in her palm before warmly saying, “Many thanks young lady. You have such a pure and warm heart; I really admire you.”

The maid slightly froze while she blushed.

Ji Yunhao was very handsome. When he faintly smiled, his eyes were captivating, causing that young lady’s heart to be unable to cease palpitating. She quietly withdrew her hand, as the pearl in her palm had already been hidden away in her sleeve.

“His Highness and the newly arrived young lady are in his bedroom. He should be arriving very quickly.” The maid added.

Ji Yunhao’s fingers which grasped the teacup tightened! His elder brother, the Crown Prince, actually arranged for Ning Xuemo to stay in his bedroom?!


What was his elder brother, the Crown Prince, planning to do?!

His heart felt even more uneasy as if he was sitting on pins and needles. He really wished he could charge into Ji Yunhuang’s sleeping quarters right now!

He was just getting restless when footsteps that were neither heavy nor light came from the outside. “Old Sixth, why did you come here personally?”

Ji Yunhuang appeared and kept walking into the room.

Ji Yunhao got up and paid his respects, “Third Brother.”

Ji Yunhuang waved his hand. “Skip the formalities. There’s no need for them in my own house. You could have just given the antidote to that imperial guard I sent. Why did you make a trip here instead?”

“It was little brother who injured her. I felt guilty, hence I came here to check up on her condition. How is she?”

“How else could she be doing? It’s not as if you don’t know what happens to the people who get injured by your whip. Old Sixth, it’s not that I’m trying to blame you, but how could you be so ruthless to a little girl!”

“I was enraged to the point that I lost sight of myself. And while I was infuriated I- Now, I recognise my mistakes.” Ji Yunhao lowered his head.

His magic tool, the Soul Breaking Whip, ranked as one of the top five weapons of Chang Kong Country. Not only does it deal out flesh wounds, it could also injure the opponent’s soul. It caused people to feel pain similar to having their souls torn apart while still being alive.

Ji Yunhao’s temper was not considered to be very good. His whip had injured numerous people who had gone against him. He usually waited till they felt so tortured that they could not take it anymore, before deciding based on their attitude towards him, whether or not to give the antidote to them.

After hitting them once, even the most stubborn and rebellious of people had obedience instilled into them…

Because if they infuriated him a second time and got lashed again, the pain would even be more intense. Furthermore, it would last for a much longer period of time…

Of course, there were those who were stubborn and unyielding. They did not want to give in to him, hence they could only suffer to death due to the pain…

He had whipped Ning Xuemo in the teahouse firstly, because he wanted to teach her a lesson, and secondly, because he wanted to thoroughly subdue her and make her obedient to him…

If she was obedient to him, he could once again try to take her in as a concubine.

Initially, he had been so anxious to kick her far away from him, wanting to cut off all ties with her. But now, he did not want her to fall into someone else’s hands and blossom into a woman…

His calculations were not wrong, but what he had not factored in was encountering the Crown Prince. What caused him even more disbelief was that the dignified Crown Prince personally carried her out! This made him feel an urgent sense of crisis…

Ji Yunhuang lightly gazed at his little brother and noticed the small-minded thoughts swirling in his eyes. Ji Yunhuang was too lazy to expose Ji Yunhao. He extended his hand and said, “Give me the antidote.”

Ji Yunhuang looked gentle, but he held a formidable imposing presence. Ji Yunhao did not dare to defy him. He had no choice but to take out a porcelain bottle. However, he had not given up hope yet. “The application method is a bit unique. Why don’t you let little brother personally apply it for her?”

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