SSMD – Chapter 45

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci and Tsubaki

Chapter 45 – Carrying Once Or Twice Is Still Just Carrying

Ji Yunhuang saw her crumpled up expression and roughly guessed her thoughts, “Why don’t you return with me to the Crown Prince’s Mansion first? I’ll dispatch people to get the antidote from Sixth Brother during that time.”

No one would dare not to give face to the Crown Prince, Ji Yunhao even more so…

That could still be considered a good idea. She currently felt so much pain that she was sweating all over. If it was not for her self-control, her fingers would be trembling. In this condition, it would indeed be difficult for her to make the antidote…

Ning Xuemo nodded, “Then I’ll be bothering you again.” Although these six words had been stated in a very steady voice, her lips had already started to quiver from the pain…

Ji Yunhao looked at her for a moment before lifting his sleeve to wipe some of the sweat off her brow. “You’re still a child. If there’s pain you should yell out. maybe cry a little bit to relieve it, but why do you have to force yourself to endure it?”

Ning Xuemo felt a rare moment of blankness. In her previous world she was trained to have a high pain tolerance. Hence, although she often acted like a cute little girl in order to assassinate people, she had almost never shed tears. No matter how painful it was she would silently bear it.

Always tolerating the pain, she had forgotten how to truly cry and what it felt like to weep from the heart.

In her heart, she felt that crying was an act of weakness. If she did cry, she only cried, and it was fake at that, to try to understand other people’s emotions…

Ji Yunhuang’s words gave birth to an unexplainable warmth in her heart. Regardless of the reasons why this crown prince was being so nice to her, in the end, he was still concerned for her.

Her lips pulled into a smile as two faint dimples appeared on her cheeks. “Thank you for your concern Your Highness, but I don’t wish to cry.” Even more so, she felt like violently beating Ji Yunhao into a pig head…

Ji Yunhuang lightly flicked her forehead with his finger. “Speaking empty words, what are you being so strong for?”

This action was too intimate. It caused Ning Xuemo to have goosebumps. She quietly put some distance between them..


Although Ji Yunhuang did not return to Chang Kong Country often, his mansion was still the most majestic one compared to the rest of his siblings’ mansions. Of course, it stood countless leagues above Ning Xuemo’s Marquis’ Mansion.

The horse carriage drove directly inside. Though Ning Xuemo could not actually see what the crown prince’s mansion looked like, from the sheer number of noises and greetings, she could imagine how big the crown prince’s mansion must be.

Since entering the mansion, it took fifteen minutes for the horse carriage to reach their destination..

“Welcoming the Crown Prince back home!” The respectful uniform greeting sounded from outside. There should be at least a hundred people.

“Xuemo, it isn’t convenient for you to move around right now. Let me carry you out.” Without waiting for her reply, Ji Yunhuang picked her up. After the servants brought over a sedan chair and respectfully lifted the curtains, Ji Yunhuang walked out in large strides carrying Ning Xuemo in his arms.

Two rows of people were kneeling towards the crown prince’s direction: one row for the maids and another row for male servants. Leading them was a butler wearing luxurious clothing.

Nestling in Ji Yunhuang’s arms, Ning Xuemo could feel the countless gazes landing on her…

She did not need to look to know that their gazes contained surprise and shock.

The one who was being carried by their master, the crown prince, was the infamous number one trash in the Capital.

However, she did not hear the snorts of surprise the people at the teahouse made when they were shocked…

It seemed like the rules of the crown prince’s mansion were quite adequate.

The pain was really hard to bear; she really could not stand on her own, so she simply buried her head in his chest and waited till he had carried her inside.

Anyways, he had already carried her in the teahouse. Since the situation was rather urgent, carrying once, carrying twice, it made no difference. She had the mind of a modern person and naturally would not care about this.

She heard Ji Yunhuang’s pleasant voice giving out orders but was too lazy to listen as she knew this time that he would not harm her.

“Your Highness, do you want us maids to carry this lady?” Four maids came over, carrying a wooden bench, intending to carry Ning Xuemo in place of Ji Yunhuang.

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