SSMD – Chapter 43

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 43

While clenching his fingers inside his sleeves, Ji Yunhao watched as Ning Xuemo obediently stayed in Ji Yunhuang’s arms. His eyes were lowered as he walked towards them. “Xuemo, the wounds made by my whip can only be cured with my special antidote. You…”

Ning Xuemo used Ji Yunhuang’s shoulder for leverage to raise her face and stared at Ji Yunhao’s extended hand.

Was she going to forgive him just like that?!

Would she accept his medicine?

Ji Yunhao became elated. He hurriedly gave the antidote pill to her. “Half of the antidote is to be applied on the wounds, while the other half is to be ingested…”

With a soft ‘pu…’, Ning Xuemo crushed the medicinal pill into powder.

She opened her palm and blew at it, causing the powder to scatter into the air and nearly fly into Ji Yunhao’s face.

Ji Yunhao was rendered speechless.

Ning Xuemo’s thin lips slightly hooked up.

‘Ji Yunhao, the enmity between us has been set in stone!’

‘But I wish for you to lose a few layers of flesh, and quietly wait for my retaliation…’

Ji Yunhao felt an inexplicable chill in his heart, seeing Ning Xuemo being carried away like this by Ji Yunhuang to a low-key yet beautiful carriage.

“Prince…” Hu Diechang walked over, her tone full of unwillingness. “Prince, are we letting that slut off just like that?”

Her body still reeked of urine, causing Ji Yunhao to hastily move two steps away from her. He lightly said, “Diechang, no matter what, you’re still a lady from a noble family. This cheap person is not worth it. Aren’t you afraid of lowering your status?” Then, he turned around and walked away in big strides.

A hint of regret suddenly appeared in his heart. He felt a sense of loss as if he had thrown away the watermelon for a sesame seed.

Hu Diechang felt frustrated by his words, causing her face to flush red with anger.

When she came here with Ji Yunhao, she did her utmost best to keep up the appearance of a wise and virtuous young lady. Her voice was soft and her words were well thought out, never making any inappropriate statements. It was only because she had bumped into Ning Xuemo here that she lost control. Every time she saw that brat, she was reminded of how humble her identity used to be.

She did not think of the kindness that Ning Xuemo had shown her. She only thought of how she showed her crass and ugly side to Ning Xuemo in the past, making Hu Diechang feel uneasy. Only by cruelly stepping on Ning Xuemo’s dignity would she feel better.

That little slut, she was obviously lower than dirt, but today she unexpectedly caused her to experience such a huge humiliation! The enmity between them was already set in stone. If she didn’t kill Ning Xuemo, she swore she would not be human!

Her hands hatefully clenched into fists as if she was crushing Ning Xuemo’s slim neck.


“Xuemo, you shouldn’t have crushed that pill. After all, it was the only antidote for treating those whip wounds.”

They sat in a highly luxurious, spacious and fully equipped horse carriage.

Ning Xuemo had been placed on a snowy-white brocade seat, which felt as soft as a cloud. Even just lying there made Ning Xuemo feel comfortable. Ji Yunhuang sat across from her.

Ning Xuemo checked the wound on her arm as she lightly spoke. “I don’t want anything from that person. I can also concoct this type of antidote.” Her hand still contained the antidote residue, and just by taking a sniff, she identified its composition.

Ji Yunhuang’s eyes lit up. “You can actually create this antidote?!”

According to his knowledge, the antidote to the poison smeared on Ji Yunhao’s Soul Breaking Whip was an Imperial secret. In this world, only the Imperial court’s special physician knew how to make the antidote.

Countless doctors had wanted to get their hands on the formula, but none of them had ever succeeded!

This young lady only crushed one pill of the antidote and was able to deduce the formula from that?

Ning Xuemo did not answer him; instead, she was wiping her hand clean using a brocade handkerchief. Then, while supporting her chin with her hand, her eyes beamed at Ji Yunhuang.

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    Me reading…….
    Dirt? What dirt? Can’t you see you are the lowest form of sand? Even if she was below dirt, she is still above you. Scum covered rough gray sand.


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