SSMD – Chapter 42

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 42 – You Don’t Have the Qualifications to Interfere in Her Matters

Everyone was stunned into silence.

His highness the Crown Prince who always loved cleanliness, who could not stand looking at dirty things, and who neither cared nor acknowledged most people, surprisingly could personally lend a hand to a girl who was beaten up until she was bloody. Moreover, that girl turned out to be the infamous number one waste.

Hu Diechang’s face paled once again.

Even Ji Yunhao’s face showed an unsightly expression. How could his older brother who always sought perfection treat this trash so well?

He stared at Ji Yunhuang who was helping Ning Xuemo up. The look in his eyes became volatile.

Seeing Ji Yunhuang help Ning Xuemo, Ji Yunhao  hesitated before walking forwards them with a medicinal bottle in his hand. A pill rolled around inside the bottle. “Xuemo, here’s some medicine to treat your wounds. Actually I didn’t mean to hit you, but you…”

“She what?” Ji Yunhuang interrupted in a dull tone, which frightened Ji Yunhao.

Ji Yunhao calmed down and gave a cough. He carefully thought out which words to pick in order to explain himself, but Hu Diechang, who was standing by his side, did not wait for him. “Replying to the crown prince, she was too arrogant and even rudely insulted the Imperial Family… She ought to be taught a lesson…”

Ji Yunhuang glanced at her, before saying in a voice as light as a feather, “Who taught you manners? When the crown prince is speaking, a low born woman actually dares to interrupt me?”

Hu Diechang choked. Although she was the Grand Marshal’s daughter, since she had not been conferred a title, she was indeed still a commoner…

This crown prince seemed to have a good temper, but when he acted he was not lenient at all. If you provoke him, even if it was the emperor’s uncle, he would still harshly retaliate!

The emperor had personally granted him an edict that let him do as he wished…

Naturally, Hu Diechang did not dare to provoke him. Although she felt a bit unwilling in her heart, she still awkwardly retreated.

Ji Yunhao also felt a bit awkward. His hand was still outstretched, but Ning Xuemo had not even looked at him. Of course, she had no intention in accepting his medicine…

Embarrassed, he retrieved his outstretched hand and replied to Ji Yunhuang, “Imperial brother may not be aware, Xuemo spouted nonsense just now, slandering little brother and Miss Hu… This little brother didn’t want her to commit further mistakes, hence I attempted to discipline her…”

“Slandering the two of you?” Ji Yunhuang gave a smile that was not a smile. “So you’re saying, Miss Hu is not pregnant?”

“This…” Ji Yunhao hesitated before he decided to lie through his teeth. However, he suddenly noticed the figure of the imperial physician in the crowd and that his brother, the crown prince, was about to beckon the physician over…

He gloomily sighed and said in a low voice, “Imperial brother in this matter little brother was wrong. That day, little brother couldn’t control himself and made a mistake. But I plan to marry her. Little brother will seek punishment from Imperial Father within two days and beg him to officiate our marriage. Elder brother, this matter will drag down the reputation of the Imperial Family, hence this little brother hopes that you can temporarily not pursue it…”

Ji Yunhuang’s face turned slightly cold. “No matter what, since it really turned out to be that way, then Ning Xuemo did not slander you, so why did you attempt to strike her to death?”

“Little brother was so angry at that time and didn’t think clearly. As I heard that little girl say such irresponsible words, I wanted to teach her a lesson… I didn’t want to take her life. Just now… I lost control.”

“You’re not her father or her brother, what gives you the right to discipline her?”

“Little brother… Little brother was once her fiancé…”

“Correct. You were once her fiancé. It was in the past! And it was only in the past! Sixth Younger Brother, you have already broken your engagement with her and have no more ties or connections with her. You do not have the qualifications to involve yourself in her matters.” Ji Yunhuang lightly threw out this rebuke before carrying Ning Xuemo and walking out.

Ji Yunhao watched Ning Xuemo obediently staying in Ji Yunhuang’s arms.

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  1. anna says:

    but this 6th prince really value his position a lot, get a cuckolding fiancee and still want to marry her..
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


  2. bunny53 says:

    “Drag down the reputation of the royal family”…pha. He does not need Xuemo to do that, he is doing it pretty well all on his own without anyones help. The only thing that should go down further is his face, prostrating infront of Xuemo for mercy. What too harsh?

    Thanks for the translation!

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  3. yzrahc says:

    Ahhhhh- Yunhao is so jealous while looking at his former fiance ‘obediently staying in his brother’s arms’ 😛


  4. midoriha says:

    thank you—!
    ew, just die, ji yunhao! yunhuang, you were totally awesome! totally!!

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