SSMD – Chapter 4

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 4 – The young and cute girl tricked the Prince

There was 36 astute, capable and experienced Imperial bodyguards standing on both sides to keep the way clear. Four girls in the flower of their age were dedicate holding, one after another, the imperial canopy. Under the imperial canopy stood a man in fine clothes, handsome, not lacking any of the high and mighty royal dignity.

This person was the sixth son of Chang Kong country’s monarch, Ji Yunhao.

He slowly advanced until he was around 10 meters away from the iron cage. He indifferently swept a glance at Ning Xuemo without hiding the disgust in his eyes. “Ning Xuemo, what do you still have to say?”

Ning Xuemo raised her head. Her extremely black eyes welcomed the sight of Ji Yunhao. Suddenly, the corner of her mouth slowly hook into a light smile. “Sixth Prince, what do you wish for me to say?” Because of the scorching hot day, her voice was somewhat hoarse. However, this much couldn’t hide the soft voice that came out. Unexpectedly, the voice was oddly pleasant to hear.

Ji Yunhao slightly frowned. He was choked by her words.

After that lowly girl was imprisoned, she continuously cried out a grievance, shouting with all her energy that she was wronged, until her voice was hoarse and her eyes were swollen, but no one would believe her words.

She continuously cried from sunset to sundown, only, now, did she stopped and hit her head on the iron cage out of despair. He believed she had already knocked herself to death, that’s why he came to see with his own eyes. In front of those people, he wanted to establish his reputation as an able and virtuous prince, gracing her with his kindness by commanding people to put her body in an old coffin. He didn’t expect that when he arrived she didn’t knock herself to death. It made his mind quite agitated.

He believed he would be able to see a lifeless Ning Xuemo with messy hair and dirty hair, dirty to an unbearable point. However, he didn’t expect she was combing her hair while calmly sitting there as if she wasn’t sitting inside an iron cage, but in a tranquil and elegant teahouse, and she could still smile!

Her complexion was obviously pale like a ghost, but the smile underneath had some sort of splendor that made it shined in front of people’s eyes.

He never knew her smile could be this sweet like a pure child, but the corner of her mouth slanted with a trace of evilness.

Ji Yunhao’s heart slightly palpitated! Immediately, he wrinkled his eyebrows and slightly increased his voice, “It is not about what I wished for you to say. I only want to hear the truth! Are you aware of your crime?”

Ning Xuemo simply held her knees with both her hands. She rested her chin on her knees and replied very fluidly, “Xuemo knows her crime!”

Unexpectedly, she didn’t cry out a grievance? She pleaded guilty?!

Ji Yunhao said slowly, “If you know your crime, then, that’s good. As for your punishment…”

Ning Xuemo interrupted him before he could finish, “Xuemo knows her crimes, but it’s not just the crime toward the Prince. I have other crimes! ”

Other crimes?! Ji Yunhao smirked in his mind. Her crimes exceed more than that. He would handle her more than it should be by rights…

“How many crimes do you have?”

Ning Xuemo blinked and softly sighed, “Xuemo’s crimes are… After I suffered from a reversal of fortune, I shouldn’t have hold tightly onto the engagement and not letting go, and wholeheartedly desiring you, the Sixth Prince. This cause the Sixth Prince to have no other choice, but to use some harmful trick to set up Xuemo who is only a lone girl. If this matter was made public, I’m afraid it can be harmful to Sixth Prince’s virtuous reputation. Right now, Xuemo think these are very grave crimes…”

Her speech was both quick and urgent like hot potatoes. Every single word was exceptionally clear, it made almost everyone who heard it very clear about the matter.

She waited for Ji Yunhao’s Imperial bodyguards to react. By the time they leaped forward in order to take care of her, she had already finish talking.

What more, just a moment ago, she was clearly sitting. By the time an Imperial bodyguard made his moves, wanting to pierce her into silence, in an instant, she dodged the attack to one’s surprise.

Many Imperial bodyguards stared blankly. They look at Ning Xuemo once again, but she was sitting at the same place as if she never moved.

Those attacks were fast like the wind, how did she dodged it in the end?

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  1. midoriha says:

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    i’m reminded of another time travel to historical era series, where it was said that although the exterior was the same, but since the core had changed, the atmosphere of the person had also changed. hm—! very true—! the inside is most important!

    horrible guy, horrible guy! make him suffer! or he can just die!
    oh—!very quick-thinking on xue mo’s part! lol, and the words she says…
    hmph, of course she dodged it! it is no longer the same person, but a trained, skilled person, ok!


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