SSMD – Chapter 39

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 39 – Incontinence

Tears pooled in Ning Xuemo’s large eyes. “Even if you are a bully, you shouldn’t bully people to this extent right? Hu Diechang, I used to consider you as a good friend! When I was seven years old, you used to follow me around everywhere and call me ‘older sister’. You said that although you were older than me your birthday was later than mine, hence you must respect me and call me your senior. You even said you wanted to be my best friend forever, while always calling me little ‘older sister’.

Is this how you treat your little ‘older sister’? I’ve always given in and tolerated you. Even when you stole my fiancé, I didn’t go to you to look for trouble. Even when you ran your mouth off, I still gave in to you. I just wanted to keep everything peaceful and not quarrel with you. However, I didn’t think that even after all that, you would still collude with each other to go against me. Now you even want to threaten me, frame me…”

She displayed a tearful expression. Her recount was like an outburst. Her speech was said in haste, but every word was clearly heard. Her words were like a bullet, shooting straight into people’s hearts.

So it was like this! So this turned out to be the truth!

Suddenly, everyone’s gaze towards the couple became more scornful…

Ji Yunhao’s expression turned notably dark like the bottom of a pan. He was also a smart person. Although the matter with Ning Xuemo being wronged was not orchestrated by him, he had some idea as to who had planned it out. It was none other than this woman in his arms…

However, he could not sell her out. After all, he needed her family’s backing. He wanted to make Hu Diechang his wife in order to gain Grand Marshal Hu’s support.

Originally, he had wanted to find a random scapegoat to smooth over this issue about Ning Xuemo being framed and then report some brief explanations to close the case. However, he did not foresee that Ning Xuemo would use this opportunity to expose his relationship with Hu Diechang and subtly bring back the matter about the scheme’s ringleader – the woman currently in his arms… Unfortunately, he could not explain this…

All of the people who came to drink at the teahouse held fame and prestige inside the Imperial Capital. He could not possibly silence all of them…

His eyes landed on Ning Xuemo. In their depths, appeared a flash as cold as frost!

He opened his mouth and planned on speaking, but Hu Diechang felt something hot continuously flowing down there and could not do anything about it. She could not help but pull on his sleeve, saying with a quivering voice, “Prince, save our child… I’m bleeding ah…”

Ji Yunhao subconsciously lowered his head to look at Hu Diechang and saw that a large wet patch had really appeared on her skirt…

“What’s that smell?” Some people murmured while lowering their voices and wrinkling their noses.

“Why does it smell like urine?” Others continued to speak feeling disgusted by stench as they waved their hands trying to dissipate the smell.

“Miss Hu, are you sure that you’re bleeding, not experiencing incontinence?” Ning Xuemo also retreated a step, slightly pinching her small nose. Whereas in her heart, she was smiling coldly at this ungrateful woman!

Hu Diechang was once poor. When her father was struck with a devastating illness and she was out on the street begging for alms, she was molested by a lecher. Fortunately, the six-year-old Ning Xuemo witnessed this and sent people to save her. The former Ning Xuemo had a kind heart. Seeing that Hu Diechang was pitiful, she acquired a doctor to cure her father and invited them both to Marquis Jingyuan’s Mansion…

This gave Hu Diechang’s father an opportunity to climb up the social ladder, allowing them to attain their statuses today!

In those days, Hu Diechang followed Ning Xuemo around. The thirteen-year-old Hu Diechang called the seven-year-old Ning Xuemo ‘older sister’, doing her best to curry favour.

But not long after Marquis Jingyuan’s Mansion fell into ruin, whenever Hu Diechang saw Ning Xuemo, her face would be full of contempt, taking any opportunity to bully her whether out in the open or in the dark. Before, when Ning Xuemo simply refuted her a bit in front of others, Hu Diechang would give her a harsh beating until Ning Xuemo turned black and blue, nearing the point of death…

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot—!
    oh—!? she told the whole story to a great audience! there was that kind of history between diechang and xuemo—-!?


  2. anna says:

    uwa.. so i they bit the hand that give them food! burn the bridge after crossing! store the bow after shooting the bird! un! despicable
    i wonder who ‘s the father of the fetus >.<
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    btw this chapter remind me a bit about PMG when he's prattle after came back to his clan in full glory lol


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