SSMD – Chapter 37

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 37 – Losing her virginity before marriage?!

“Where did I prick you with a needle? Come show everyone.”

Hu Diechang lifted the hand that got pricked, much like raising a flag pole. “Slut, don’t even think about denying it. You pricked my palm!” However, when she opened her fist she discovered that her palm appeared healthy with a rosy pink hue. Not even a red spot could be seen, much less a prick wound.

Everyone had sharp eyes. They looked at her palm then they stared back at her through eyes filled with suspicion.

Hu Diechang also discovered this anomaly. She retracted her hand to inspect it, and it was really fine!

Ning Xuemo lightly let out a sigh, suddenly glancing at the seat not far away.  “Sixth Prince, your future wife says she got pricked, but why aren’t you out here to take a look? Don’t you want to express your concern for a bit?”

 ‘Sixth Prince’s future wife?!’

Everyone’s eyes widened, and they followed Ning Xuemo’s gaze.

The Sixth Prince, Ji Yunhao, felt like choking Hu Diechang to death. He was not formally engaged with her yet, but now their relationship became known before the official announcement. This was detrimental to his reputation. After all, he had still been engaged to Ning Xuemo not long ago.

 Nonetheless, since Ning Xuemo had called him out, he had no choice but to brace himself and come out. His gaze burned with resentment when it landed on Ning Xuemo.

‘Not even ten days had passed and this girl unexpectedly looks a lot livelier than before.’

The once emaciated small face was now much more supple. The once thin and pointed chin now had a perfect angle. Perhaps it was because of the sunny weather these past few days that her once pale cheeks were now rosier. Those pair of large eyes, like crescents, were as black as ink yet as clear as water. When she looked at someone, her eyes resembled a calm lake which let people feel an indescribable sense of peacefulness.

A gentle breeze blew in from outside the window, causing her pink clothes to billow in the wind. It made her look like a lovable and harmless girl.

The change in her appearance was still somewhat acceptable, but her temperament was completely different. Having such a young age yet possessing such power to captivate people’s souls, it was difficult for people to look away from her.

Ji Yunhao was certain there was something wrong. His facial expression sinking, he opened his mouth and lashed out, “Ning Xuemo, what nonsense are you speaking?”

Ning Xuemo blinked her eyes and innocently asked, “How is it nonsense? Sixth Prince, this Hu Diechang and you have a child together. Don’t tell me you don’t plan to marry her? Didn’t you want to annul our engagement with every possible means because of her?”

It was as if lightning had struck!

They have a child already?! So it was not that this Sixth Prince and Hu Diechang had just gotten together. But they actually had a relationship since long ago?

Everyone’s gazes became more probing yet subtle.

Hu Diechang’s pretty face flushed red. Right now it was true that she is indeed pregnant, but it had only been slightly more than a month, and she thought no one would be able to tell. However, she did not think that Ning Xuemo would spill the beans, causing her to feel shame and anger. “Ning Xuemo, you have guts! You actually dared to speak lies!”

Ji Yunhao also blanked out as his handsome face turned dark.

In Chang Kong Country, regardless of whether both parties were engaged, losing one’s virginity before marriage was considered an action worthy of criticism. They would be reviled by the masses. Even if the man was entitled to have many wives and concubines, if he was intimate with the other party before marriage, the public would despise him…

“Ning Xuemo, do you know what the punishment for falsities is?!” Ji Yunhao’s voice seemed to contain ice as he spoke.

Ning Xuemo’s facial expression became more innocent. “I know, but I didn’t speak any falsities. I declared the truth. Miss Hu is already 45 days pregnant…” She tilted her head slightly, her two hair buns faintly swaying. She suddenly blinked before she pretended to have an epiphany.  “Or could it be that the child in her belly isn’t yours?!”

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