SSMD – Chapter 33

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 33 – That Couple Again

In his embrace sat a young woman, whose disheveled clothes made the snowy white skin of her mountain peaks faintly discernible. But, he suddenly lost interest and gently pushed her aside. “Alright, Diechang. It’s already late at night, you’d best go back. Else if you’re caught, it won’t be good.”

He had actually been lost in his thoughts while holding her. This situation had never happened before!

Suddenly, a bit of uncertainty appeared in Hu Diechang’s heart. Her teary eyes turned to him as she hugged one of his arms. She said, “Prince, recently I’ve learned a new method of preparing tea and was hoping you would try some out…”

Ji Yunhao nodded his head, readily agreeing, “Fine, tomorrow I’ll go to the Wishing Crane House with you. I wish to try the tea you prepare and see if it’s better than before.”

Hu Diechang smiled sweetly before finally leaving satisfied.

Her martial arts were not bad. Her figure flashed a few times in the flower garden before no trace of her shadow could be seen.

Ji Yunhao faced her back and slightly sighed.

He  could not have picked incorrectly; this woman should be his main wife.

Hu Diechang was the current Grand Marshal’s, Hu Qinghua’s, most favored daughter.

Hu Qinghua used to serve under Ning Xuemo’s father, Marquis Jingyuan, who was brave, fierce, the most resourceful among his peers, and was good at official business. Once Marquis Jingyuan died, Hu Qinghua succeeded his position and became the new Grand Marshal.

Having both military and civil authority, he was the real decision-maker in deploying troops in the Imperial Court. He was also someone who all the princes tried to curry favor with.

It was due to luck that Ji Yunhao captured the heart of Qinghua’s daughter, Hu Diechang.

Hu Diechang had originally admired his Third Brother, the Crown Prince.

However, feelings could not be forced or controlled. The crown prince had never put her in his eyes and had caused her to be embarrassed a few times, leading her to lose hope and give up.

Ji Yunhao then swooped in and captured her heart.

Hu Diechang had the family background, appearances, capability, and was sweet and pleasant. She was truly a good match for him. Therefore, he pampered her and was loving towards her, even risking receiving his Imperial Father’s wrath to annul his engagement with Ning Xuemo…

This girl was the one he wanted. That Ning Xuemo was not even fit to carry her shoes! Him withdrawing from that marriage was not a mistake…


Wishing Crane House was the largest teahouse in Chang Kong Country’s capital and offered the greatest variety and quantity of delicacies.

The amenities and services here were top-notch, of course, so was the price.

Even to drink the most ordinary tea here would cost ten taels of silver, which was equivalent to the monthly salary of an advanced martial artist. Hence, those who came here to drink tea were all distinguished guests from wealthy and affluent families, able to randomly toss out a thousand gold.

Ning Xuemo sat in the second floor of the teahouse. She stared at the red clay teapot with heartache in her eyes, sniffing the tea fragrance before lightly letting out a sigh.

The tea here was not like the tea of the 21st century: people in the 21st century cared more about tea variety, but here, the variety of the pots mattered instead. She had pointed to the red clay pot without much thought before heading upstairs.

Only when the server carried the tea set on a pearl-encrusted golden plate like it was the world’s most precious treasure while following her up, did she finally understand why the other customers had peculiar looks on their faces when she casually pointed at that pot of tea .

‘Fuck, unexpectedly it is the most expensive tea!’

In this place, fired red clay tea sets were more expensive to make than other tea sets. Just one pot of tea in this tea set would unexpectedly cost a thousand taels of silver!

Although Ning Xuemo had made a fortune recently, the expenses had not been small either. In this short time of half a month, three quarters of it had already been spent, with only five hundred taels left!

Five hundred taels of gold was equivalent to two thousand five hundred taels of silver. She deeply felt that she should not rest on her laurels anymore, hence she came out today hoping to find lucrative business opportunities.

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