SSMD – Chapter 30

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 30 – Exceeding Expectations

Right now, it was unknown whether or not the two thousand taels of gold had already been snatched away. Furthermore, she might have been beaten up by her relatives in the process.

His eyes flashed as he imagined Ning Xuemo being beaten down pathetically, and his heart felt a bit better.

It was him who proposed annulling the engagement and dumped her. At that time, she could only recover her dignity because of a strong backer, but maybe she harboured a lot of regret in her heart at this moment…

He drank another cup of wine, not knowing that those thoughts and reality were drastically different.

“My prince!” The surroundings were dark, and the shadow guard he sent to observe Ning Xuemo soundlessly appeared before him, prostrating himself on the ground.

“How is it?” Ji Yunhao inquired. He felt that the shadow guard would bring him good news.

The shadow guard looked hesitantly at the three concubines.

“They are not outsiders, just speak.” Ji Yunhao planned to let his three concubines hear how wretched that damned girl’s situation was.

The prince’s word was his law; hence, the shadow guard merely paused before disclosing the events that occurred at the Marquis’s House. His memory was amazing and he recited what happened word for word, painting a vivid picture of the events that transpired.

The more Ji Yunhao heard, the blacker his face became. Not waiting for the shadow guard to finish, he slammed his palm down a few times. “You’re saying that she knows martial arts?! Those relatives of hers couldn’t rein her in?! But were instead taught a lesson by her?”

“Yes! Her movements were very weird but effective. This one has never seen those movements before…”

Ji Yunhao’s face sank as he thought back to the scene in the square when Ning Xuemo somehow avoided his move to seal her acupoints. Now, he wasn’t sure whether her movements had been made intentionally or unintentionally.

Could it be that her trash physique was all nonsense? Had she been hiding her true abilities all along? It shouldn’t be so, right? The psychokinesis-testing crystal ball had never been wrong before!

His heart was like a ball of fire. With a ‘pa!’ sound, his fingers crushed the wine cup.

That shadow guard hesitated, as if he had more to say.

Ji Yunhao impatiently asked, “What happened after that? Was there really no one who dared to snatch the gold?”

The shadow guard lowered his head. “What happened afterwards, this one does not know. His Highness the Crown Prince had discovered this one…”

Ji Yunhao’s body stiffened. This was really unexpected. “My Third Brother?! He- He was there? When did he arrive?”

The shadow guard was ashamed. “This one does not know when the Crown Prince arrived. Once this one discovered him, he had already gotten behind this one… The Crown Prince told this one to deliver a message to you…” He relayed what Ji Yunhuang had said completely.

Ji Yunhao was silent. His face, burning hot, looked as if he had suffered a slap.

The three concubines, who had only just been flattering him to the point of making his smelly feet seem fragrant, were silenced. The beauty wearing a pink gown was a little more brave than the others. Working up the courage, she spoke to him, “That brat’s relatives are trash too. It doesn’t mean that she really has some ability. Prince doesn’t need to take it seriously. She might have only accidentally managed to discipline her relatives… The Crown Prince might have just been passing by…”

“Get lost!” Ji Yunhao suddenly slammed his palm down a few times, crushing the cups and bowls of the dishes on the table.

The beauties left with embarrassment.

Ji Yunhao was enraged.

Just passing by?! Just passing by your head! Would the Crown Prince be just passing by the roof of someone’s house?

Who would have thought that the Crown Prince, who had always been in pursuit of greatness and whose eyes no one could enter, was actually interested in that woman?

He had thought that he had thrown away a piece of trash, but unexpectedly…

In the dark, he ground his teeth before slowly ordering, “There’s something off about this woman. Send people to keep track of her. Report any movements to me immediately!”

Ning Xuemo’s following days were rather relaxed and fulfilling.

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