SSMD – Chapter 3

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Grenn

Chapter 3 – The young and cute girl was framed

The Sixth Prince’s mother was originally dissatisfied with the marriage, but she wasn’t a favoured imperial concubine and her family had also no influence and no power. After considering the power of the house of Marquis Jing Yuan which could support her son, she didn’t oppose the marriage.

But no one expected, at the age of eight, Ning Xuemo lost her father, he died in battle. Madam Ning casted away the young Ning Xuemo and died together with her husband.The influence of the house of Marquis Jing Yuan withered from onwards.

The few distant relatives of Marquis Jing Yuan bullied the young Ning Xuemo. One after another came with clear and hidden motives, plundering all the properties of Marquis Jing Yuan. It took no more than a few years for the house of Marquis Jing Yuan to become an empty shell of its former grandeur.

As the saying said, when the tree topples, the monkeys scatter, those servants and maids in the house of Marquis Jing Yuan also ran away one after another or sought a way out. By the time Ning Xuemo was twelve, in the big mansion of Marquis Jing Yuan, only one loyal servant was left. The two of them, master and servant, relied upon one another for survival. When hungry, they didn’t eat until full. They experienced winds, storms, cold and suffered all kinds of hardships…

Yet, she was still the Sixth Prince’s fiancée and this matter brought forth all kinds of resentment from the other party. Naturally, they would like to withdraw from the marriage, but they were hindered by the Emperor’s edict. So, they didn’t dare to brazenly bring up the issue and could only schemed every kind of plots to give her all kinds of difficult to take situations in the hope she would compel and brought up the subject of marriage annulment by herself.

However, they didn’t expect that Ning Xuemo already had deep feelings for the Sixth Prince and had considered him as the only light in her life. No matter the sufferings and the humiliation, she won’t open her mouth and mentioned about the matters of the marriage.

To the point that last year, the Sixth Prince came to find fault with her. He made it very clear that, even if he were to take her as a wife by obligation, he would also take in an a second wife. She also clenched her teeth and agreed to this. She wholeheartedly wanted to be by his side…

She didn’t expected that not only it didn’t touched the Sixth Prince’s heart, on the contrary, it made him more and more disgust and made him want to thoroughly get rid of her. She could only experienced despair.

Ning Xuemo lived in a humble and careful way. Everything she did was cautious and prudent, but tsunami of misfortunes always found her.

Last night, she was alone in the mansion when someone knocked her out. When she awoke, she discovered there was a lot of people forcing their way into her house. What more, her clothes were not in order and an unfamiliar man was lying on her bed…

That was truly catching them red hand!

The future prince’s wife was caught in such a scandal. Naturally, it caused a sensation in the whole city.

This era was very harsh on women. Unrestrained women would often be put to death in all kinds of way : drowned in a bamboo basket for pig, burned to death, hanged and so on…

Thus, Ning Xuemo didn’t want to say it was the Sixth Prince’s second wife who was the mastermind. Perhaps, it would also be quite difficult for her to survive.

Of course, she cried out her grievances, but there were witnesses and evidences. Who would listen to her?

Without being able to explain, she was directly sent into this iron cage which was hang in the public square and received people’s scorns the whole day under the scorching sun.

Ning Xuemo originally had a delicate body disposition. This kind of repeating torments left her barely alive. After being subjected to all kinds of humiliations and resentments, in the end, she killed herself by hitting her head on the iron cage…

Those were the memories of the former owner of this body. As for the modern times Ning Xuemo, in this ownerless body’s brain, she had successfully awake.

Ning Xuemo’s palm lightly stroked her cheeks. She knew the reason why she possessed the former owner’s memories was because of the strong grievances. That little girl died without being able to close her eyes!

‘Little girl, rest in peace! Since your body allows me to possess it, then, let your hatred be mine. I shall give you your revenge! I will make the person who framed you pay the just price for your sufferings!’

In her eyes, there was a glint of cold light.

“The Sixth Prince has arrived!”

In the crowd, no one knew who shouted this, but, like the tide, everyone receded, separating on two sides, making a road appeared in the middle of the public square.

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  1. midoriha says:

    the original is seriously pitiful, and so young, too! -shakes head- she hung on to a man who didn’t care about her at all! she was set up—! tragic, tragic, i say—!
    yes, xue mo, help her get justice! justice—!
    hm? the sixth prince, AKA the horrible guy, has come, huh?


  2. Thanks for the chapter


  3. anna says:

    awesome MC..
    please continue this series >.<
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


  4. Purpleeee says:

    So I gather that she’s around 12-13 years old?


  5. Revenge says:

    I had some tear in my eye
    Yes get revenge


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