SSMD – Chapter 29

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 29 – He didn’t make a mistake

The food the Chastity Testing Beast usually ate was the head of a type of divine cow, and furthermore it was a freshly cut head. Perhaps to others of its kind it tasted delicious, but to this miserable Chastity Testing Beast, containing the soul of a human who had unwillingly transmigrated over, having to eat a raw cow’s head was undoubtedly a form of self-torture…

Now that his situation was better, and he  finally found someone who understood him and decided to provide for him, in the future, he wouldn’t have to go through that torture ever again!

Ning Xuemo was very generous and instructed Old Zhong to prepare dinner. The newly hired chef eagerly showed off his skills and quickly cooked various delicious dishes that filled the table. Of course, many of the dishes that the Chastity Testing Beast had ordered were also present.

Ning Xuemo didn’t think that the Chastity Testing Beast, whose body looked sturdy and fierce, would get drunk so easily. He had only finished half a jug of Green Bamboo Leaf and was already very tipsy. In his drunken stupor, he lamented and wailed an English song throughout the whole night, causing so much noise that he scared all of the people in the mansion, preventing them from going to sleep.

Ning Xuemo had people boil half a pot of hangover soup and coaxed him into drinking it, which then finally calmed him down. He lied on his stomach as he sobbed and muttered incoherently.

He lamented about having suffered injustice all those years, since he transmigrated into the body of a beast. He had thought he would be like those male protagonists in novels who transmigrated into the body of a young master, whose actions shook the very heavens, surrounded by countless beauties. However, he never thought he would end up with the cruel fate of being imprisoned in an iron cage for a hundred years and eating a cow’s head every day. Let alone beauties, he hadn’t even seen half a shadow of a female beast…

As Ning Xuemo arrived here in her sleep, she had thought that her fate was cruel. But upon hearing the Chastity Testing Beast’s laments, she considered herself lucky even if she had transmigrated here in her sleep.

His fate was more painful than hers!

The new servants of Marquis Jingyuan Mansion got to see a wonderful sight.

Their Young Mistress got a blanket and sat down in front of the iron cage. After chatting for half a day with the fierce Chastity Testing Beast using that weird beast language, she started to call him Tang Mu…

They were all bewildered.

Tang Mu? Could the Chastity Testing Beast be a female? This name was really weird!

In fact, the Chastity Testing Beast’s name in English was Tom. After a hundred years, finally there was someone who called him by his birth name. He felt very touched, and his goodwill towards Ning Xuemo went up a level, increasing his loyalty.

He was a very trustworthy beast. Since he had promised Ning Xuemo to look after the gold, even if he was drunk he wouldn’t be lax. Once he drank the hangover soup, he climbed on top of the chest of gold and fell asleep.


The mansion of the Sixth Prince

The moonlight was luminous; the flowers were very alluring.

Inside the octagonal interior of the flower garden, Ji Yunhao was sitting on the master’s seat, at his side were three stunning beauties like peach trees in full bloom and willows turning green. These three beauties were his concubines and ranked under the secondary wife.

“My prince, congratulations withdrawing from that marriage. Ning Xuemo is not even as good as us. She does not deserve to be your secondary wife.” The beauty wearing a pink gown said.

“Correct. Prince’s marriage annulment was a wise move. That trash doesn’t even qualify to be your maidservant, not to mention carrying others’ shoes.” A beauty who wore a willow green gown added.

“This one wants to propose a toast to the prince for finally getting rid of that trash.” The beauty wearing a light yellow gown raised her wine cup.

Ji Yunhao’s gloomy handsome face improved slightly. They were right. Trash was after all still trash. Just because she was outstanding once didn’t change the fact that she was still garbage. He was currently one of the most favored princes. His status would only keep rising. To be able to smoothly withdraw from this marriage was the best move. He was not wrong in his actions…

 He downed the cup of wine before raising his head to look at the moon.

 That trash must have been beaten badly by those hypocritical relatives of hers, right?

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