SSMD – Chapter 28

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 28 – Affectionate

It wasn’t  just Second Uncle and his wife, even Ji Yunhuang couldn’t believe it. Nonetheless, he still had his own ways. With a snap of his fingers, his imperial bodyguards appeared out of nowhere and knelt before him.

Ji Yunhuang lightly ordered, “Have this woman brought to the Supreme Court and look for a quiet room for her to be nursed back to health for one month. After one month, bring her to see me.”

Second Aunt was terrified, her facial expression changing. Was the Supreme Court a place one could enter and leave as one pleased? After entering, even if she didn’t die, she would at least lose a layer of skin! She loudly begged for mercy, pleading that going home to recuperate was perfectly fine.

Ji Yunhuang naturally wouldn’t allow this. Whether that woman lived or died he didn’t care; what he did care about was whether Ning Xuemo’s medical skills were as good as she claimed. Hence, he simply waved his hand, and Second Aunt was taken away unwillingly.

The people at the Supreme Court were competent, being deft of mind and valiant. Even if she wanted to commit self-mutilation, she wouldn’t have the chance to under their watch. Therefore, he could be at ease.

Since the Crown Prince had arranged things to be this way, everyone else definitely couldn’t go against him. They could only leave dejectedly.

With the Crown Prince’s guarantee, Ning Xuemo needn’t worry about Second Uncle going back on his words and causing trouble. She stretched out a small hand and stifled a yawn. This day was truly taxing. The ups-and-downs of today’s matters had tired out this body.

Her actions were obviously meant to dismiss people, but the Crown Prince simply pretended not to have seen them. He remained behind to probe Ning Xuemo about her medical techniques and where she learned them from.

Of course, Ning Xuemo wouldn’t stupidly tell him she had transmigrated over; therefore, she could only reply mysteriously but in a manner that was difficult for the other party to ascertain the truth, “It’s a gift from Heaven. I accidentally learned these medical practices from an immortal in my dreams…”

Ji Yunhuang was speechless.

Although he didn’t show it, he definitely didn’t believe the bullshit she spoke. After chatting a bit more with her, he was helpless against that girl who looked innocent and unaffected with her eyes as clear as crystal and her words watertight. No matter how he asked, he never managed to expose even a trace of a flaw in her words.

Seeing that it was late into the night, Ning Xuemo couldn’t resist anymore and opened her mouth to send him off, “Your Highness Crown Prince, it’s already very late. When are you planning on leaving for home?”

Ji Yunhuang unexpectedly lifted his hand to rub the top of her head. “Fine. I won’t bother you. I’ll head back now, but I’ll come back to see you again in a few days.” Saying so, he leisurely walked out.

Ning Xuemo sat down in the chair in shock for a while. To her surprise, she hadn’t been able to avoid the Crown Prince’s hand earlier!

His movements didn’t look quick, but they were flawless and smooth like moving clouds and flowing water. When his hand almost reached her head, an inexplicable sense of pressure forced her to stay still for a brief moment. That instant stunned her, allowing him to rub his hand on the top of her head…

The Crown Prince was indeed worthy of being called the genius among geniuses. Her current skills were not fit to be spoken in the same breath with his. If he wanted to kill her, he could  do so effortlessly!

It seems like she would have to go into closed door cultivation and first hone this small body until it becomes stronger, before she tried to regain her power from her previous life.

While she was sitting there and making plans, the Chastity Testing Beast finally couldn’t stand it anymore and began ramming its body against the cage, making a racket. “Hey, woman! When are you going to feed me?! Didn’t you promise me earlier a table of fine dishes and a jar of good wine?! I’m starving. I want ten roast suckling pigs, five whole cooked lambs and seven servings of 50 kilograms of veal…”

In one breath, he ordered many of his favorite dishes from his previous world, not forgetting to add, “There’s no need to give me cattle heads to eat, I’ve been eating it for more than a hundred years. If I have to eat any more, I’ll vomit!”

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  1. NiYan Yap says:

    wow, for someone who isn’t an “asian”, chastity testing beast has a palate of one LOL, 10 roast suckling pig! wow!

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  2. midoriha says:

    ooh, the crown prince is super interested in xuemo now! i’m looking forward to it! so happy for the beast to finally have a friend!


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    “I learned it in a dream.”

    That’s some bold face lying.


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