SSMD – Chapter 27

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 27 – The Crown Prince is the Witness (4)

Old Zhong gingerly offered tea in a brand new tea set, but the Crown Prince merely glanced at it before lightly saying, “Leave it.” He was a slight perfectionist. He wanted the best of everything. The tea offered by Old Zhong was quite famous, but it was still miles away from what he usually drank, so he found it quite undrinkable.

Old Zhong didn’t dare to insist , instead he offered other types of tea and refreshments, but Ji Yunhuang didn’t even glance at them.

It was already past dinner time, and people were starting to get hungry. But, seeing that the Crown Prince made no indications of wanting to eat, they naturally didn’t dare to raise this matter.

They saw that almost two hours had passed.

From Second Uncle’s belly a faint rumbling sound came out. He was just about to say that the two hours were over when the door of the improvised operating room opened, and Ning Xuemo walked out, “It’s done, the arm has been reconnected.” In her former world, not only did she study Chinese medicine, she also attended an internationally renowned top medical school known for producing genius surgeons.

Being a secret service agent was a high-risk occupation. She and her comrades often got injured, but with her there, they could promptly treat all injuries.

Her ability didn’t only stop at reattaching a severed arm; even if someone was stabbed in the heart, as long as she received the patient without delay,  she could heal him.

The medical instruments in this era naturally could not compare to the specialised tools in her previous world, but fortunately she was a superb surgeon. She had reattached Second Aunt’s arm so perfectly it was as if it had never been torn off.

She used a special technique to help circulate the blood flow. She waited for everyone to finish making an uproar and checking on Second Aunt, before she approached and cut the tip of Second Aunt’s finger. Her aunt’s arm could already feel pain as she unconsciously trembled.

‘A miracle!’

‘This is simply a miracle!’

‘Just where did she learn medicine from?!’

Ji Yunhuang cast a probing glance at Ning Xuemo.

Second Uncle was regretting it and tried to find a way to renege the contract. “How can you call it successfully reattached her? It is merely sewing it on! Her arm definitely cannot move; she won’t be able to grab onto anything…”

Ji Yunhuang gently spoke, “Whether or not her arm can grab anything will be known after testing.” He extended his palm and within his palm appeared a gold ingot. He tossed it into Second Aunt’s hand before leisurely speaking, “If you can grab that gold ingot, it’s yours.”

Although Second Aunt was currently unconscious, her greedy character was etched into her very bones; hence, when she felt the gold ingot land in her hand, her fingers unconsciously shivered and grabbed onto it tightly…

Second Uncle could say nothing now.

Ji Yunhuang flicked his finger and unblocked Second Aunt’s acupuncture point. It awakened Second Aunt from her slumber.

Her physical strength was quite good: the moment she woke up, she ignored her tightly bandaged arm and lifted it up to look at the gold ingot that she unyieldingly grasped in her hand.

Second Uncle was about to say that she couldn’t possibly raise her hand; when unexpectedly, his own wife did that very action, causing him to choke on his unsaid words.

In front of the Crown Prince, the pair of husband and wife didn’t dare to flagrantly refuse to pay up, but upon thinking of having to pay out several thousand taels of silver, they felt as if they were being torn apart alive!

Second Aunt tried one more time to fight back verbally, “Xuemo said that she would completely heal my arm. However, I can only grip onto objects with great effort, and just slightly lifting my arm causes immense pain. This can’t be considered completely healed…”

Ning Xuemo glanced at her. “Even if it was the most resilient dog’s leg that was cut off and reattached, it would still need some time to recover, not to mention that your arm has only been recently been reattached. Just quietly recuperate for a month, after a month if it’s still not healed then you can come look for me.”

Even a beating would take at least a hundred days to heal from but this newly reattached arm would take only a month?

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