SSMD – Chapter 26

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 26 – The Crown Prince is the Witness (3)

The majority of the people in the great hall were commoners. When had they ever gotten a chance to see such a godly existence like the crown prince in person? For a while, they stood there in awe.

Old Zhong’s face was full of surprise and disbelief. He hurriedly paid his respects, “This one welcomes Your Highness, the Crown Prince!”

It was as if they were struck with lightning! All of them were struck dumb. Even Ning Xuemo was shocked.

‘The Crown Prince?!’

Plop! Plop! Everyone in the hall fearfully knelt. “We greet the Crown Prince!”

Ning Xuemo was silent.

Naturally she knew who the Crown Prince was. What she didn’t know was why he ran to her house, stayed on her roof and listened in from a corner…

Come to think of it, how long had he been listening in?

Of course, she couldn’t ask him. After all, he was an incredibly powerful figure. She couldn’t go and provoke this big fish.

With the distinguished Crown Prince acting as the witness to this bet, how could her Second Uncle dare say otherwise later?

He had no other alternatives but to sign a contract with Ning Xuemo on the terms of the bet. When Second Uncle’s people had come to take things away, though the way they picked things was rather random, nevertheless, Old Zhong had kept track of every single item they had taken. When converted to silver, it amounted to five thousand taels of silver.

In the presence of the Crown Prince, no one dared to play any tricks. Even if Second Uncle was planning to renege his debt previously, right now with the Crown Prince here, he did not dare to entertain such thoughts…

In his heart, he selfishly hoped that Ning Xuemo would fail to heal his wife…

Ji Yunhuang’s eyes that were as bright as the moon landed on Ning Xuemo, “Miss Xuemo, with me as the witness, you may begin.”

This continent was chaotic, and only strength was respected. Every day there would be constant conflicts, and the number of injured people was too numerous to count. As a result, the status of a physician was very high.

Though the number of people studying to become physicians was not few, the number who actually managed to reach the standards of official physician was pitiful. They were extremely rare, but almost all had already been snatched away by those large powers and sects. Even in the Imperial Palace, they were scarce and were treated like teachers of the state..

Because of his identity, Ji Yunhuang knew many physicians, quite a few of which were masters of their field. However, even the most outstanding of physicians weren’t able to restore any of the four limbs.

Therefore, when Ning Xuemo claimed that she could do what they couldn’t, Ji Yunhuang was naturally startled. Because he was afraid that Second Uncle would not accept Ning Xuemo’s condition out of his love for money, Ji Yunhuang had no other choice but to  show himself.

With his highness the crown prince personally supervising, everything that Ning Xue Mo needed to reattach her aunt’s arm was very quickly prepared.

A spotlessly clean room was prepared. Ji Yunhuang even cleaned it to Ning Xuemo’s standards of a surgical room with his psychokinesis skills. Though it couldn’t match the sterile operating rooms of the 21st century, it was still acceptable.

“Your Highness, please wait in the great hall.” Ning Xuemo bowed to him before unceremoniously ushering him out.

Ji Yunhuang had originally wanted to directly observe her actions, but her following words dispelled his thoughts. “When I’m operating, I’ll need to take off all of her clothes.”

He immediately turned around and left. “I shall wait in the great hall..” He had no interests in seeing a middle-aged woman’s body…

Second Aunt had already been knocked out by Ji Yunhuang’s special technique. If the acupuncture point was sealed, she definitely would not wake up. Therefore, Ning Xuemo started the operation without worrying about being disrupted by Second Aunt jerking up from the pain.

A quarter of an hour passed. Half an hour passed. Then, an hour had passed…

The improvised operating room was extremely quiet for the people waiting outside. From time to time, they could hear the light metallic sound of a scissor or a knife.

Everyone was silently waiting in the great hall. Of course, with the Crown Prince here, they wouldn’t dare do anything else.

Old Zhong gingerly offered up the tea in a new tea set, but the Crown Prince merely glanced at it before lightly saying, “Leave it.”

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