SSMD – Chapter 25

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Edited by Marci

Chapter 25 – The Crown Prince is the Witness (2)

Because her husband saw the whole situation deteriorating, he rushed over, grabbed her and pulled her away as fast as he could which prevented her from being dragged into the cage, saving her life.

This scene was too cruel, causing those who witnessed it to be frightened. Even the eight recently hired guards were frightened to the point that their bodies were covered in cold sweat!

Since they had only been recently hired, they felt no loyalty toward Ning Xuemo yet. Inwardly, it was hard for them not to possess one or two thoughts about vying for the gold. However, upon witnessing this scene, their hearts shuddered and they dispelled any bad thoughts they might have had…

Ji Yunhuang’s expression slightly changed. ‘This little girl is quite the schemer; this move of killing the chicken to warn the monkeys[1] was well-thought out!’

He had only come here out of boredom to see what was going on out of curiosity, but unexpectedly, he encountered such an interesting situation It turns out coming here was really worthwhile. This young lady had let him watch such a good show.

Even more so, he wouldn’t have thought that there would be an even better show for him to watch soon.

Second Uncle was shaken up and wanted to curse at Ning Xuemo. Just when he was about to vent his anger at Ning Xuemo, she asked a simple question while she had her arms crossed, “Do you believe I can reattach her arm?”

Everyone was stunned, ‘An arm that was chopped off can still be reattached? Is that a joke?! Even for the best doctor in this world, it was impossible to do so!’

Second Uncle raged, “Ning Xuemo, even now, you want to make fun of us?! Who would have the ability to restore a lost arm?!”

Ning Xuemo’s small hand pointed at herself before she bluntly said one word, “Me!”

Everyone stared at her with surprise and doubt, as if what they were looking at was a little demoness and not a little girl.

Ning Xuemo gave a glance at the Second Aunt who was rolling in pain. With the corner of her mouth slightly rising, she said, “I can reattach her arm within two hours. Of course, if you choose not to believe me, just get her out of here. I want to avoid her dirtying the floor of my house.”

Second Aunt was in despair after losing her arm. However, upon hearing Ning Xue Mo’s words, even though she was somewhat doubtful, there was hope. Why would she be willing to let that opportunity go?

She repeatedly cried out, “I believe you! I believe you! Hurry up and fix my arm!”

Ning Xuemo replied, “It’s easy to save you, but you have to agree to a condition of mine.”

“What condition?”

“Return all the things you took from the Marquis House over the years! Not even one can be missing!” Ning Xuemo stated her condition.

Second Uncle was stunned, the total value of the objects taken from the Marquis House over the years amounted to two thousand taels of gold. Even killing him would be less painful than having to spit it all back out.

Second Uncle still wanted to discuss terms with her, but Ning Xuemo blocked him off. “I’m only giving you half the time to brew a cup of tea to consider. After that period has passed, even if you give me all your family’s possessions, it would be impossible for me to help her!”

Second Uncle and Second Aunt were both quite stingy. Anything that was even the slightest bit unfavorable to them would make them grieve in pain. Unexpectedly, Second Uncle decided not to go through with the treatment in the end. “In this world, how can an arm that has been cut off be reattached? It must be one of your tricks. I won’t believe you! Wife, let’s go… ”

“If I fail to reattach her arm, not only will I not go after the things that you previously took away, I will also give you these two thousand taels of gold for free!” Ning Xuemo spoke.

This condition was really tempting, but Second Uncle was still a bit skeptical. “Girl, are you trying to fool me again? What if you fail to reattach her arm but refuse to give the gold?”

“I can be the witness.” Suddenly, from the rooftop, came a clear and sonorous magnetic voice. Then, following the voice, a man floated down.

This person stood in the half-light of the hall as the candlelight lightly sketched out his tall and straight, dashing silhouette.. Everyone’s eyes lit up! It seemed like even the lights in the hall could not outshine his brilliance.

His powerful aura was rarely seen. It was light like the wind, but it still made people’s heart shiver and not dare to look at him directly.

[1] Making an example out of someone to discourage others

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  1. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    Awa, the Crown Prince is really magnificent. Even if he’s just a bored onlooker.


  2. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    keke, this crown prince is certainly interesting! he just wants to see if xuemo can really attach the arm, huh—?


  3. Meowchie says:

    Of course! She can reattach the arm. She is a high skilled Doctor. 😽😆:3


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