SSMD – Chapter 21

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked by Grenn

Chapter 21 – Do you have any shame?

Note : What’s in the bracket is already in English in the raws.


These people became extremely aggressive just for the sake of owning that chest of gold.

With indifference, Ning Xuemo looked at them fighting each other like dogs, a smile hanging on her face the entire time.

That group of people argued for half a day until their mouths were dried, but none of them was willing to give in. The more they argued, the more heated the arguments got, the louder the protests were.

“[Shut up!]” The Chastity Testing Beast that was watching from the start finally couldn’t take it anymore and roared.

‘Damn it!’ All of them were shouting and screaming in Chinese and that girl didn’t even translate what they were saying, so it couldn’t understand what they were talking about. One thing for sure though, was that their quarrel made its head hurt.

Its roar was like a clap of thunder as if lightning had struck inside the hall. The shock made all of them, except for Xuemo, shivered and they couldn’t help but shut their mouth.

The Chastity Testing Beast was a divine beast after all. Its imposing manner was absolutely astonishing when it gets angry.

It slammed its body into the cage, causing crashing sounds, as it kept roaring a few more times at those people. The roar they heard turned them stupid as it sounded sinister to them.  They were completely frightened out of their wits by the beast’s terrifying aura.

Ning Xuemo picked her ears as she walked until she was in front of the iron cage.  She patted its paw and comforted it in Chinese, “Are you saying that you hate noisy people the most? And you want to shred them to pieces for me?”

The Chastity Testing Beast didn’t understand what she was saying, but, since her tone was warm, it assumed she was comforting it. It proudly nodded its head.

This nod almost made some of them wet their pants and flinch.

Ning Xuemo sighed, “Then, do you want me to open this cage and let you play with them? It seems like I can remove the seal on top…” She pretended she was really going to remove the seal. 

Her relatives panicked and tried to block her, “Niece Xuemo, this cage cannot be opened!”

“You can’t let it hurt people.”

“Right, right! We won’t make too much noise anymore. Come here, come here! Let’s nicely discuss on how to split the gold.” Eldest Uncle’s voice softened quite a bit as he said those words.

They huddled together and tried to discuss calmly with each other about the problem with the gold share until they all agreed on something. .

After a round of intense haggling over the amount, they finally reached a consensus. The gold would be divided into five shares and, since Second Aunt was injured, she would get an extra share while everyone else would get the same amount of gold.

By the time they finished debating over the amount of share for the gold, two hours had already passed.

During that time, Ning Xuemo had finished two pots of tea and three dishes of pastries. As she saw them rushing directly to the chest of gold, she slowly opened her mouth and spoke, “Everyone, are you done making noise? If you’re done, you can get lost now!”

Everyone was rendered speechless.

Eldest Uncle’s face sank, “Xuemo, what is the meaning of this? Everyone here is your elder…”

Ning Xuemo lightly swept her hair and sneered, “Elders? Do you deserve to be called elders? Not a single one of you remembered the Marquis’ kindness from when he was alive, instead you’re doing your utmost to not only bully his only young daughter but looting everything in the Marquis’ House. Tell me, is this the conduct of an elder? Don’t tarnish the title of ‘elder’!”

Those words made everyone’s faces turn red from embarrassment. Second Uncle righteously rebutted, “You’ve injured your Second Aunt and that’s a fact! You must pay compensation!”

Ning Xuemo smiled coldly, “This is the Marquis’ House! She came uninvited. Even though she is a commoner, she forcibly barged in, bullied the House’s young miss and attempted to steal the gold bestowed by the Sixth Prince. Tell me what crime is this?! She’s already lucky not to be beaten to death, but you’re still greedy enough to  want compensation? Do you have any shame?!”

Her pretty face sank as killing intent was emanating from her body, changing the whole atmosphere.

That kind of power made everyone’s heart felt cold as they suffocated under that pressure. At the same time no one could say a word.

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  1. AbsoluteMeowster says:

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