SSMD – Chapter 20

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Wenhui

TL checked & edited by Grenn

Chapter 20 – Sorting everyone out!

“What’s going on? Why is there so much wailing and howling?” From outside the great hall, a majestic voice asked, followed by six people charging into the Mansion as if they own it.

Ning Xuemo’s long eyelashes fluttered.

Very good! Second Uncle, Eldest Uncle, Eldest Uncle’s wife, Fifth Big Cousin, Sixth Little Cousin, Eldest Cousin, they are all here.’

They’ve arrived in full force!

 Second Aunt, with tea leaves still on her head, she threw herself at her man, “Husband! You have to get revenge for me! I am being bullied to death by this little bitch!”

 That Second Uncle didn’t think that his wife would be put into such a miserable state, shocked he asked, “How… How did this happen?”

Second Aunt tearfully recounted what just happened while exaggerating things to make it worse.

Of course, she didn’t mention that she was coveting that chest of gold.

 In the end, she dropped herself on the floor, screaming “Aïe! Aïe! Ouch! Ouch!” non-stopped. One moment she said her leg was broken, then the next moment, she said her arm was broken. Followed by, her waist had twist. . Finally, she acted as if she was so heavily injured she couldn’t get up.

Second Uncle’s face was overcast as if a storm was brewing, “Ning Xuemo, how can you be this sinister! Your Second Aunt was kind enough to visit you, but you were actually so cruel to her! What is your motive? If you do not give me an explanation, I absolutely won’t let this matter go!”

 The rest of the people echoed his words, “Right, right! We are still your family. We are usually very considerate towards you, but you actually return kindness with hatred. It really causes our hearts to hurt…”

 “This issue definitely cannot be resolved so easily! You have injured your Second Aunt. It’s a crime to be violent towards an elder.. If you can’t give an explanation, we will send you to court and let you have a taste of the suffering of being in prison.”

 Everyone was talking over each other, some trying to scare her while others were threatening her.

 However, their eyes glanced from time to time on the chest which contained the gold, wishing that they could just snatch all the gold inside.

 Ning Xuemo listened, but stayed silent. She waited for them to shut up. Once they did, she blinked her eyes, “Then, how do you want to resolve this?”

 Her voice was very tender. Everyone thought that this child finally knew how to be afraid and continued to intimidate her a bit more.

 That Second Uncle was even more proud and finally, like a lion opening his mouth, he spoke out his true motive, “You harmed your Second Aunt to this extent. It’s unforgivable! However, considering that you are still a child, we, as your elders, will not be too harsh. However, your Second Aunt’s injuries have to be properly treated. Right now, she can’t move by herself and need people to help her. We also need money for that… Just compensate your Second Aunt with a thousand taels of gold.”

 Ning Xuemo still didn’t say anything and the other people were all resigned.

According to the rumours, Ning Xuemo only received a thousand taels of gold. If all of it was used as compensation to Second Aunt, then there would be nothing left over to ask for.

 “Number two, this is not right. Her injuries are only superficial wounds Applying some ointments would do. Where’s the need for a thousand taels of gold? You’re really exaggerating!” Eldest Uncle’s Wife raised the issued about the money.

 “That’s right! I have to say that at most she can be compensated with a hundred taels of gold. If we add the time for the convalescence I say Xuemo should compensate you with two hundred taels of gold.” Eldest Uncle interjected.

“A man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. Second Uncle, you truly are like a lion who opened it mouth, your demand is very excessive.” Fifth Elder Cousin spoke with justice.


 Second Aunt anxiously explained as she patted her thigh, “Are you some kind of heroes of justice? You’re not the ones who are injured! Do you think I don’t know what you’re planning? You all want to get a share of that gold.”

“Niece Xuemo is still young. This gold is not safe in her hands. We have her best interests at heart. Furthermore, this easy money should be shared among relatives…”

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  1. Oblivious Eccentric says:

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    They all deserve death. Greedy b*astards. I had gold digging relatives who made my parents pay them A LOT (£100k) of money after my grandmother passed away.


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