SSMD – Chapter 16

By Mu Dan Feng

Translated by Grenn

TL checked & edited by Wenhui

Chapter 16 – Massive renovations at Marquis Jingyuan’s mansion (1)

Marquis Jingyuan’s lifetime was dedicated to serving the country. Along with the countless heroic contributions to the country, he was also an uncorrupted official. He genuinely had both sleeves flowing in the breeze[1] and just used his official’s salary to support his family.

Marquis Jingyuan’s mansion was originally destitute, but after the death of the General and his wife, the valuable objects inside the residence were fought over by each of their distant relatives until there were none left and what was left of the mansion was only an empty shell.

Yesterday, after the previous owner of the body met with misfortune, the only old servant in the house had been driven away by people and became a homeless man living on the streets.

When Ning Xuemo returned, she coincidentally ran into him and brought him back home.

Because of that farce, his leg was injured and was currently lame. His leg was resting on a stool, but he was still talking endlessly without stopping just like a gyroscope constantly in movement.

He kept expressing his gratitude to the Heaven, that “Heaven has eyes”, that the Miss’ grievance had been clear, etc.

Ning Xuemo knew that the former owner and this old servant were always relying upon one another for survival just like a father and her daughter. This old servant were also the only person treating the former owner well.

At present, as she heard him being long-winded, contrary to expectation, she didn’t get impatient. She let him talks as much as he pleases.

The result of her eloquence in speaking was that Ji Yunhao’s imperial bodyguard pompously came to deliver 2000 taels of gold. When that chest opened, the dazzling and golden-bright glistening yellow of the numerous golden ingots neatly and tidily placed caused the old servant’s pupils to constrict!

He had never seen so much gold in all his life!

The Imperial Bodyguard bowed to Ning Xuemo. “Miss Ning, this is my Prince’s gift to you. The total is 2000 taels, could you check the amount and accept it?”

Ning Xuemo ordered the old servant to go make some tea and raised her head as she heard the Imperial Bodyguard’s words. “Didn’t we agree on a thousand taels?”

The Imperial Bodyguard proudly said, “My Prince took pity on Miss Ning’s ruined house. He intentionally gives you the double amount.” He glanced sideway to Ning Xuemo with the expression of someone giving a favor to a beggar.

The complexion on the old servant changed. A scholar preferred death to humiliation!

His Miss was the Marquis Jingyuan’s mansion mistress. She was proud since birth and would rather die than receive food handed out in contempt!

He was about to open his mouth to scold and reproach the Imperial Bodyguard and let him take back the unnecessary 1000 taels.

However, he didn’t expect that, after blowing on the tea suds, Ning Xuemo would laughed and said, “Then, Xuemo gives her many thanks to your Prince.”

While saying so, she twirled a gold ingot in her hand and then estimate the weight of it in her palm. She threw it to the old servant. “Old Zhong, this is for you to buy some wine to drink.”

The old servant caught and held the gold.

Her reaction caused the Imperial Bodyguard to blank. He felt like he was just punching on cotton and was rendered speechless. He was unable to say anything and could only leave with his tail between his legs.

Old Zhong gazed at Ning Xuemo’s face with a somewhat complicated expression. “Miss…”

Ning Xuemo waved her hand. “Old Zhong, I know what you want to say. There’s no need to say anything. I have my own plans.”

She stood up and circled around that chest filled with gold. Her eyes were as bright as the moon. “This young lady was just short on money and seldom had a spendthrift and foolish person voluntarily gives me so much. I will happily receive it!”

She took two steps in the hall and once again said, “Old Zhong, your age is no longer small. There are some work you might not be able to do. You go and put a notice which says that Marquis Jingyuan’s mansion is hiring servants. Need to be quick-witted, those with loyalty preferred. The monthly wage is three taels of silver and only hiring the best candidate…”

Old Zhong jumped from fright. “Miss, this servant monthly wage is only one tael of silver. Isn’t that price too high?”

Ning Xuemo continued, “Spending that much money can attract highly talented people. Do it as I say. I want to hire two top chefs, four maids to serve me, four boy servants to sweep the courtyard, eight third rank psychokinesis guards. The chef’s monthly wage is five taels of silver. For the maids and servant boys, it will be three taels. The guards will be ten taels per month…”

The wages she spoke of, every single one were twice as much compared to the average salary outside and was exceptionally alluring.

[1] It’s a chinese idiom that means his hands are clean from dirty money or simply uncorrupted.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thank you!
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    wooo—-! looking forward to more people with loyalty coming in!


  2. AbsoluteMeowster says:

    You know, in those cliche manga where the rich guy throws money in the girl’s face to excuse his disgusting actions, and the girl’s like “I don’t need yo money fool, take it back” and then the guy falls for her? I shamelessly admit I’d be on the floor picking up that money. I mean seriously, free money, what is dignity? Money can be spent to recover dignity!

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. cheesepit says:

    Thank you for the chapters!


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